Easy peezy lemon squeezy!

As time goes on, amongst the many things you might learn about me, you will definitely discover a true love of mine… Lemons. They are a fantastic piece of fruit, and they play a huge part in my day to day beauty regime, helping to maintain my general well being.


The health benefits of fresh lemons are endless. There are so many ways you can incorporate them into your beauty regime, and they are literally 27p a lemon from Tesco!

Lemon juice is great for the skin. It contains citric acid and other antioxidants which are very effective in treating acne and other skin blemishes, and they are packed with Vitamin C which is generally found in many citrus fruits and is vital for healthy, glowing skin. Lemon juice is also a very effective skin brightener and can be used as a toning aid and in facial washes.

Aside from improving your skin by using it topically, lemons also work wonders inside the body. Lemons are rich in antibacterial, antiviral and immune-boosting powers and lemon juice is also an effective liver cleanser and digestive aid. Those who are trying to lose weight are often told to drink lukewarm lemon water in the morning to aid digestion and cleanse the system, and even if not trying to lose weight, this is a fantastic health and nutritional habit to incorporate into your daily routine. This fruit is rich in potassium, saponins, bioflavonoids, pectin and limonene- and all you need to know about those is that they are great for boosting immunity and fighting infection. As you can imagine, its properties for improving ourselves on the inside, means good things for our overall appearance and thus our skin can be greatly improved through the cleansing and hydrating of the body using lemons.

These are only some of the health benefits of lemons; they can also improve your mood, energize you, hydrate you and even freshen your breath!

So give them a try and see how you can implement them into your beauty regime. My next few posts will feature some of my hints and tips on how you can use lemons as a great beauty aide!

 Enjoy ya lemons!

 Love Nimisha



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