REVIEW: Vitamin E Oil

So I haven’t been posting as frequently as normal, I’ve had a hectic last few weeks with my birthday being last week (waheeey!) and I moved into my university accommodation this week. But I’ve settled in now, and will be posting much more!

My “REVIEW” post this week is all about a dear love of mine. It is the very amazing Vitamin E Oil!

No I don’t store my bottle of Vitamin E oil in my very pretty plant pot! I just really wanted it in the picture because how cute is it!!? Nip down to Homebase, they have so many different colours and it is only £5!


Back to the Vitamin E oil… About 4/5 years ago I came across Vitamin E products in the Body Shop, and they looked very appealing. I did some research into Vitamin E and found that it is excellent for your skin and general body wellbeing. I started off by using the Vitamin E illuminating moisturising cream and really liked it, but only used it occasionally when I didn’t want to use up too much of my Decléor moisturiser (pricey!). I found it to be really moisturising and hydrating, it had a nice scent and it wasn’t too oily.

About 3 years ago, I became more curious about different essential oils and decided to buy the raw Vitamin E oil. What a great idea that was! Pure Vitamin E oil in the bottle or even oil squeezed out of Vitamin E capsules is packed with skin benefits and I have loved using it since.


Vitamin E oil in a bottle comes in different consistencies. The one I have (pictured) is 70,000 IU and I believe this is the thickest pure Vitamin E oil you can buy. ‘IU’ stands for International Unit and the larger this number is the more of the vitamin it contains, thus the closer it is to it’s natural form. As the IU gets lower you will find that the oil becomes less viscous and the uses of the oil will start to change slightly.

What are the benefits of Vitamin E Oil?

This oil has numerous benefits and can be used in a number of ways. Some of my future posts will show you how you can do so!

–  Moisturising: Any unit of the oil will act as a great moisturising agent. This oil prevents water loss from the skin and helps it to retain its natural moisture. Unlike baby oil that wraps around your skin creating a ‘film’, Vitamin E oil penetrates the pores restoring a normal oil balance of the skin.

–  Protecting: This oil acts as an anti-oxidant and therefore prevents the formation of free radicals forming on the skin cells. This damage from free radicals normally occurs from exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun. These processes speed up ageing and wrinkle formation, as well as causing the skin to tire, look dull and lose its elasticity. Vitamin E oil protects the skin from these occurrences and is actually used in many anti-ageing creams because of this property. Topical application of Vitamin E oil or Almond oil (contains Vitamin E), promotes the production of collagen and elastin, helping the skin to stay younger looking and more fresh.

–  Treatment: Vitamin E oil is very useful in treating minor sunburns and other skin marks and scars. The oil is readily absorbed by the epidermis of the skin and can therefore work on healing sun burnt skin and protecting it from more damage. Over time, topical application of very viscous (70,000 IU) Vitamin E oil is very effective in minimising the appearance of scars or marks on the skin. By softening the skin and promoting the regeneration of skin cells, scars will start to fade away. – This is where the oil really benefitted me. I used to get a lot of marks on my skin from spots, and using Vitamin E oil has made them all disappear! It’s very rejuvenating.

–  Getting rid of those stretch marks: Pregnant ladies often apply Vitamin E oil to their abdomen as they move forward in pregnancy, and this is to prevent the appearance of stretch marks after birth. One reason why stretch marks can worsen is due to the itchiness of the skin as it starts to stretch, and this oil provides relief for this. Those already with stretch marks should apply the oil to the marks to begin promoting the generation of new skin cells and thus start to eliminate the marks.


The are many more ways in which the oil can be used, and their benefits span over a large range! The less viscous Vitamin E oils (14,000 IU etc) are great for an everyday moisturising application. Whilst the thicker oil act as a treatment.

For best results, apply the oil after showers and at night time before bed where skin cells undergo a turnover and rejuvenation process naturally. The oil is very greasy so I tend to apply it at night on my face. I also mix the oil with my night balm and I have seen some great results. I wake up in the morning with extra soft and fresh-looking skin.

You can buy Vitamin E oil from most health food shops such as ‘Holland and Barrett‘ and ‘Panacea’. JÄSÖN also do a fantastic range of Vitamin E products. You can also purchase the oils off Amazon for around £7 (the one pictured). Another way of obtaining the oil is by piercing Vitamin E capsules and squeezing out the oil!

Hope you like it too!

Love Nimisha


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