Get the GRAB button with GRABBLE

Have you heard of ‘GRABBLE’ ??
GRABBLE is a new online site and online shopping tool that allows you to save and store fashion items of interest whilst you are surfing the web. The GRAB tool allows you to visit multiple sites whilst keeping track of all the items you are interested in. You simply click to GRAB button on an item you like, and it automatically stores it in a collection for you to view and return to whenever you want. GRABBLE will even send you an email if any products you have stored end up in the sale! 
So it’s kind of like making multiple shopping baskets on lots of different sites of all the things you wish to buy, except this basket doesn’t get emptied, you can view all your items in one place from multiple fashion sites, and you also get notified when the price of your item changes.
Check it out at and start grabbing today!
1. Visit the GRABBLE website. Here you will be prompted to sign up and create a login and username. Once you have done this, you will see the home screen shown above. You’ll also get a £10 voucher for a number of online stores such as Motel Rocks and Fashion Union, when you sign up.
2. Get the GRAB button by dragging the icon to your bookmarks bar on your browser (shown above and below). It’s the same for any browser type on any platform.
3. You now have the GRAB button ready to use whenever you need it, so go online to your favourite fashion websites and click the GRAB button to save items that you like!
4. When you click the GRAB icon on a product, you will be presented with a pop-up box in the corner of your browser (above) and you can choose which selection to add it to, or create a new collection to save it to.
Create collections according to trends or occasions and keep your items organised. When you go to view the items in ‘My Grabs’ you have the chance to do many things with item (as shown below).
Clicking the ‘Buy’ option takes you straight back to the site you GRABBED it from, ready to purchase the item! So simple!
I created a new collection called ‘A Valentines Weekend’ showcasing some items to wear during the day and night for a post-Valentines weekend. Check it out HERE.
Some get the GRAB button and start making your online shopping even easier!
Love Nimisha

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