Acrylic Makeup Storage

I am a big fan of different types of makeup storage. I own quite a bit of makeup and the tools to go with it, and it is always nice to be able to stay organised so that things are easily accessible, staying clean and tidy and looking neat!

There are so many ways to store makeup, brushes and accessories and personally I love acrylic storage. There is something about the clean smart finish whilst also being able to see everything inside the storage boxes that really appeals to me. Acrylic storage is also very easy to clean and that’s a big positive for me!

You can find this type of storage in a range of places. My favourite place to buy all different types of acrylic storage is MUJI. They sell fantastic acrylic drawers, perfect for organising your makeup and at a very decent value for money. I am lucky as where I go to University there is a MUJI store in the town centre, but it’s not a shop that is found everywhere. Luckily they have a very good online store to order from!

I am living in halls at University so unfortunately I don’t have the space nor means of keeping all my acrylic make up storage here with me, but I have a few smaller things that allow me to organise my makeup here in some way!

A way of storing your brushes is important to stop you mixing all your items together. Brushes get dirtier quicker, and this can transfer onto your makeup and vice versa. It’s also nice to have something to store your brushes in so that when you clean them, they can stay clean and they look neat and tidy.

I bought this “Acrylic Pen Pot” from MUJI to put my brushes in, and it is simple, looks smart and keeps my brushes tidy and easy to find.


Acrylic Pen Pot  –  MUJI  –  £2.25


It is always a nightmare for me to find the lipstick that I want to wear without emptying every makeup drawer I have so finding this lipstick holder was magic! The spaces are big enough to fit any brand of lipstick and it keeps them well organised and easy to find. I organise mine by colour which is handy. There’s nothing like buying a lipstick holder to realise just how many lipsticks you own… Let’s just say, I’ve purchased more than one of these.

You can also find ones that hold many more lipsticks for example one I found here on Amazon that holds 24.

My one shown above is also from Amazon, but you can find them online in a few places such as ebay and storage solution sites.

Clear Acrylic Lipstick Organiser  –  Amazon  –  £3.49

How do you store your makeup?

Love Nimisha



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