KIEHL’S Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado

I do love an avocado!! For me they are a superfood as they are great for all round general health and boast brilliant and effective skincare benefits. One of the most important tools for applying makeup, for me, is the canvas on which the makeup is being applied to. If you have a good starting point in that your skin is looking and feeling great, then that will speak volumes through your makeup application as you can really see the difference. Not only then is your makeup easier to put on, but you find yourself wearing maybe less, or instead you are just highlighting your wonderful features with a touch of makeup here and there.

I believe that a good eye cream should be imperative to your overall daily skincare routine. We often forget about the area under our eyes for a few reasons, mainly that the skin is thinner around the eye so some don’t want to touch it, it’s not a problem area for people until they start to see creases that don’t seem to be shifting, and it almost seems like too much of a small area to focus on compared to the rest of your skin! These are fair reasons however I hope that I can express to you why I feel that we should look after this area much better!

I love trying new products and I know that Kiehl’s are fantastic for skincare. They boast some popular gems such as the ‘Midnight Recover Concentrate‘ and the ‘Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate‘ which have great reviews. Kiehls are also no stranger to eye skincare, for which they have some really effective products. I had heard about the Avocado cream and thought, whilst I was shopping in Selfridges in London, that I would pick some up. I gotta say, it was no mistake at all!

Taking care of your skin has so many long term benefits and I cannot stress that enough, and prevention is, in my opinion always the way forward to healthy-looking, blemish-free, youthful-looking skin. I carry this view with eye creams and face creams as I want to prevent the process of premature ageing skin. The eye area is one of the first places you will see signs of ageing and this is because the area is thin, delicate and more prone to stress from the surroundings particularly the cold during winter. I bought this cream just before Christmas as it was freezing and I needed something that was going to be nourishing and moisturising, giving me that added protection and long-lasting effect. I also saw that it had avocados in it, and I was like a moth to a flame!


This cream is one hell of a saviour for me! And heres why…

1) It does exactly what it says on the tin. Avocado oils are extremely nourishing and they give a real burst of moisturisation to the skin around your eyes. The formula of the cream targets any problem areas, keeps the skin well hydrated throughout the day and night and leaves the skin feeling so soft. This aids in preventing those panda eyes, and also applying at night before bed can really help the overnight skin renewal process keeping your skin firm and free from creases. It also acts as a great base for concealer and eye makeup, stopping your skin from creasing, creating a smooth finish.

2) The cream is deceiving (in a good way). One of the strangest things about this cream is the texture. When you first make contact with it, it feels like any other cream that will run and smooth over the area; it seems thick and creamy. However when you start to apply it, you feel a film like texture as if you can’t properly sink it into your skin. This is great because the cream isn’t going anywhere but where it’s intended for and means it is long lasting, protective and won’t run into your eyes. Don’t let this fool you though, it is still incredibly nourishing!

3) The avocado oils work wonders. There are so many skin benefits of avocado oils aside from the moisture-enriching. Avocados are packed with antioxidants so they will protect your skin from environmental pressure and prevent premature ageing. The oils promote healthy skin and help to brighten the area thanks to vitamins A and E in them, and after a few days you will see those dark under eyes vanish. Avocados also act as a natural sunscreen protecting your skin from harmful rays.

Application and tips:

–  We know that the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and delicate therefore you should take extra care when applying anything to that area.
–  You only need a few dabs (shown below) of the cream under the eye to smooth out.
–  Don’t overuse the cream on the eye area. Only a light layer is needed.-  Be careful to not apply the cream too close to your actual eyes. Aim for the skin around the eyes (shown below). The reason for this is that most creams move over time and applying too close to your lids and lashes particularly at night can cause the cream to run into the eyes and you will wake up with puffy and sore eyes. The lucky thing with this cream is that the formula stops it from running! So start outer and move inwards when applying.

–  Always apply creams using you ring finger by dabbing and smoothing out gently. The ring finger applies the least amount of pressure, and this is much better suited to this delicate area of skin. –  Once cream has been applied tap the area around the eyes gently with your fingers. This encourages good circulation and reduces discolouration

You can buy this product at any Kiehl’s counter or store and online in two different sizes:
–  14ml – £20
–  28ml – £33

Kiehl’s site  ||  Space NK

I would also like to use this opportunity to say how helpful the staff are at a Kiehl’s counter, or in their stores. They really know what they are talking about and pay good attention to your skin giving honest and helpful advice. They also tell you the best ways to apply your products and give you lots of lovely samples too! So I would certainly recommend going in there and having a chat with them.

I could rave about the uses and benefits of avocados for diet and skincare all day, but instead check back to one of my previous posts “Homemade : Avocado and Honey Soothing Face Mask” for another way you can incorporate avocados into your beauty regime.

Have you tried this cream? What do you think of it? Have you got any eye creams that you would recommend?

Love Nimisha



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