SUNDAY TOP TIPS : Fix Your Broken Lipstick

IMG_7520sliderNow this has happened to me numerous times; I’ve gone to use a lipstick, and it simply breaks as I am putting it on! What’s worse is when it happens to your favourite lipstick (Smashbox Dark Cherry)… *sigh*.

However when this happens, it’s certainly not the moment to call time on your broken lipstick! It can be fixed, and these very simple steps will show you how.


One of the reasons why lipsticks can break is because they react with their surroundings and when subjected to warm conditions, they start to melt. Like with food, makeup has a use-by date (usually around 6-12 months), similarly one of the best ways to preserve makeup is by storing it in the fridge or at least in a cool dry place.

We can use this “change by heat” to our advantage when trying to mend our broken lippys!IMG_7523eedit1. Break off (if not already broken off), the part of the lipstick where broken, and point the broken end of one piece over a flame (i’ve used a candle) for a couple of seconds as you start to see the lipstick melt. You can then smooth over and flatten the surface as it starts to dry to create an even plain.

2.  Repeat this for the other half of the lipstick and again flatten the surface that you will re-join. IMG_7525eedit3.  Whilst still quite soft, gently attach the broken piece and neaten the surface area. Smooth over any excess melted lipstick around the join.

4.   Once completed, put the lid on and store in your fridge to harden for a minimum of 20 minutes. I’ve kept mine in the fridge for days after doing this!


This really works for me, so don’t throw your broken lipsticks away, just fix them!

Love Nimisha


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