Clarins Bath and Shower Concentrate


Fancy a relaxing night in after a long hard day? This relaxing bath and shower concentrate by Clarins may just be the added touch to your perfect evening in. After a long day, a warm shower right before bed usually does the trick for me, and I feel instantly relaxed and as a result, I sleep much better. I came across this product and thought I’d try it out to see if it gave an added bonus, and I was actually very impressed.

The oils and plant extracts that make up the concentrate are all calming and soothe your senses leading you to feel much more relaxed. You simply add a few drops to a wet sponge, towel or loofa and lightly dab the concentrate over your body, rinsing with warm water- the warmth activates the concentrate. You will then breathe in the scent and start to feel your muscle relax. If you are running a lovely bath, you can add some drops to the water and it will have the same effect. The aromatic scents of basil and camomile soothe your skin whilst the blend of St. Johns Wart, Valerian and Linden relax tired muscles.

This is definitely one product to be included in your at-home spa. Try using this as part of your nighttime routine before you go to bed; your sleep is much more fulfilled when your body is completely relaxed and calm.

You can buy the product from any clarins counter or online.

Happy relaxing,

Love Nimisha


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