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Well it’s certainly getting hotter outside!! YAY! (If you’re from the UK like me, you’ll understand my excitement at the weather!). The hot weather gets me thinking about many things, fashion, a change of hairstyle, skincare and sun protection to name a few. One thing I’ve definitely started to think about a lot more, particularly in this weather is the amount of water i’m drinking, or just how hydrated I am. A few years ago I fainted just from dehydration during the heatwave in England after being out and about in the sun all day!  I ignored all the signs throughout the day and didn’t stop and think about my water intake, and as a result- that happened! In this weather its easy to feel sluggish, nauseous and abit headachy at times, and most probably, its because you aren’t drinking enough water. It’s always best to follow the signs your body is giving you.

Here are some all important things you need to know about hydration and hopefully it can be a helpful guide to you. It’s worked for me, and I find that now I’m keeping myself well hydrated throughout the day, whatever the weather outside.

water post 1In the UK, the NHS suggest that women should be drinking a minimum of 1.6 litres of water per day, and men 2 litres. These recommended amounts are a rough guide for the average person and is a good place to start with understanding how much water you should drink. These amounts can vary though, according to certain factors such as body weight and exercise, as you’ll see below…
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They say you should be during half your body weight in water (work it out in ounces- its easier!), and that should be adequate to keep you well hydrated, replenish any fluid lost and maintain your bodily functions.

water post 3This guide has been SO helpful for me. Water can affect all parts of your body and the processes that are vital to well-being. One of the most important times to drink water is after waking up in the morning. Cold water can shock your system (not in a good way) so its a good idea to drink water that is lukewarm or room temperature in the morning. At this time, you are most dehydrated and you have an empty stomach. Drinking water purifies your colon, allowing for a better absorption of nutrients from breakfast and better efficiency in digestion. By doing this, your metabolism is speeding up so it is also an effective way to lose weight. Another reason to drink water after you wake up, is to activate your internal organs, and this will help you feel more energised. Drinking a glass of water before any meal will aid digestion and helps to ferry toxins out of your body. This is great for the skin too, helping to keep it clear and give you that glowing look. Drinking a glass of water before you go in the bath will help to lower your blood pressure and a glass before bed can actually avoid stroke or heart attack!

One of the most important reasons to keep hydrated is to aid the processes inside the body. Early signs of dehydration is a headache, so thats when you know you need to be drinking more fluid. Drinking water boosts your energy by carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells and so a lack of water can slow down this process.

I could go on about more benefits of water, but i’ll save that for another post! The most important thing to take away from this post is that regardless of the weather outside, we need a good intake of water every day. I make sure I drink my lemon water every morning and throughout the day, if I’m out and about, I will make sure I have a water bottle on me so that I know how much I’m drinking. If I’m at home, I know that two refills of my brita filter gives me the recommended daily intake!

Hope this helps!
Love Nimisha



  1. July 1, 2014 / 12:39 pm

    What a great post! Really interesting and has made me really think about how much water I’m drinking and when I should be drinking it. 🙂

    Lis x

    • niminotes
      July 3, 2014 / 10:27 am

      Thank you! xx

  2. Sophie
    June 30, 2014 / 11:21 am

    What a great post!! Thank you for sharing this! x

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