Summertime Foot Care


Don’t you hate it when you want to walk around in flip flops and sandals in this heat only to realise your feet aren’t looking too grand and a bit worse for wear! Unfortunately it’s too hot for socks to cover up those blisters and hard skin so it’s best to solve the problem head on and give your feet some summer loving so they are looking clean, smooth and glowing for any pair of shoes you want to wear this season!

Feet always get forgotten, whilst they are stuffed into boots, covered by socks and worn out by being used so often. Call me weird but I like my feet… and I like to look after them! My secret to good feet lies with the Body Shop and I have always used their foot care products. I have three simple steps that I follow:

–  Soften and remove hard skin  –  My Body Shop File a Foot does a perfect job of removing dead skin cells and rough/hard areas with little effort. It is double-sided for gentle and hard exfoliation so can be used on the tops of your feet and the bottom. When in the shower, I use the file a foot after rinsing my feet with warm water to soften the skin.

–  Exfoliate – Exfoliating is so important not just for your facial skincare, but just your overall body care. The feet get so neglected sometimes and so need extra TLC. I have used this Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Foot Scrub for years and it does everything it says on the tub. It gently exfoliates and smoothes, and the peppermint scent feels really refreshing and cooling on your feet. This foot scrub is great for sloughing away those rough skin cells and revealing gorgeous, radiant skin.

–  Moisturise – All skin treatment should be finished off with gentle moisturisation to keep your skin protected, soft and feeling like you’ve done something good to them! I love to top off my foot care with this Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue from the Body Shop. The cream is thick and extremely rehydrating and maintains the softness from exfoliating. Sounds strange but when I use this cream, I feel like my feet are breathing!! After this treatment, your feet are left feeling ultra soft and smelling extra minty!



Take care of your feet this season!!

Love Nimisha


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