Two can play that game…. Bobbi Brown

IMG_4882sliderConcealers are so tricky, and the wrong decision with concealer can be pretty drastic. And that’s not an exaggeration. Too dark, and you look like a panda, too light and you look like a ghost… the struggle is real I tell you.

I’ve always struggled to find the right concealer because of my skin tone and the natural darkness of my eyes. Either I’ve had way too many long nights that my dark circles have just become more permanent, or they are somewhat of a genetic fail as no-one in my family actually has inherited dark circles around their eyes. It is why I try ever so hard these days to get my full 8 hours to try and fight the inevitable black eye.

I have raved about Bobbi Brown before and it’s because it is my absolute go-to for makeup. Of all the products I own of hers, they have never failed me. Bobbi Brown is a master when it comes to colour matching and is one of the only brands that really can say they cater to pretty much any skin tone/colour. I absolutely love my Moisture Fluid Foundation, and the great thing about being matched with the right concealer at the Bobbi Brown counter, is that it will be the same shade as your foundation but will be light enough to conceal any darkness. For a  day-to-day conceal I love wearing Bobbi Brown because it has a natural finish, that blends beautifully. If I am going for heavier makeup that involves a bit more contouring, I would use this concealer, but also go for a lighter shade on top.



For my everyday concealing, I first apply the Bobbi Brown corrector in Light to Medium Peach. Bobbi Brown describes this as a wake-up call for tired eyes, and it does exactly that. When matched with your shade (out of 16 shades!) applying this gently before your concealer, it neutralises under-eye darkness and brightens up your eye area. It is also long-lasting and acts as a perfect base for concealer. I didn’t buy this product initially, and just went for the creamy concealer, but after getting it, I’ve noticed such a big difference in the way my eye area looks! Corrector is a must.


IMG_4886editThe Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit is truly a gem! You can buy the concealer on its own, or as this duo with the pressed setting powder. As the names states, the concealer is creamy and it really does blend nicely to cover up dark areas. It has a high moisture content which stops your eye area from drying out and making your concealer look ashy causing lines. You are virtually line-free and this concealer is long-lasting with the added bonus of keeping your eye area moisturised. What more could you ask for!? -Oh yes, the pressed powder! Setting powder is almost essential for any makeup routine these days and this translucent setting powder does just that. With a small brush, I lightly apply this setting powder where I have put the concealer and I find that it holds it in place nicely and will further prevent any streaks.

Tips for creamy concealer

– This concealer doesn’t need to be applied with a brush, and can be perfectly blended with your finger, but like with applying eye cream, you should apply the concealer with your ring finger. This finger has the least pressure and is less heavy on your sensitive eye area.

– Don’t rub, but pat. One big tip that I learnt from Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual is that if you’re going to apply concealer, there is no point rubbing it around your eyes. The key is to use what you have on your finger, and this is achieved by lightly patting it around the eye and blending it that way. By rubbing, you are only taking off what you have already put on.

– Moisturise first! Eye cream acts as a perfect base for eye makeup and will enhance the makeup look as well as making it last longer. I use the Kiehls Avocado eye cream, that I have raved about here!


So that’s what I use on a regular basis for a natural conceal. What do you think about the Bobbi Brown concealer?

Love Nimisha



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