Skincare Update – Hot Cloth Cleansing


The cold weather has well and truly arrived *sigh*. This means it is time to shake up your skin care routine to suit the harsh weather conditions that are only going to be getting worse from now. As soon as the temperature drops, the wind picks up and the rain starts, we will start to see all sorts of changes in our skin. Dryness and breakouts come to mind. On top of that, we’ve all probably cranked up our central heating at home and that will be having counteracting effects on your skin too. Your skin won’t know what’s going on!

In the Autumn and winter, I like to keep my skin extremely hydrated and moisturised. Dry skin is all too familiar this time of the year, so combatting that by making sure I am well hydrated is key. Make sure you are having your healthy intake of water, and this will really help. I also like to keep my skin well nourished by using hydrating face masks and skin oils. This will also protect the skin well from harsh conditions. You’re bound to see the effects of the weather at some point, but there’s no harm in trying to prevent it as much as possible!

Something else I started incorporating into my beauty regime earlier this year, that I believe is particularly good for this season is hot cloth cleansing. I started doing this at the beginning of year and have kept it going. I have noticed such a difference in my skin in terms of its feel and look. The skin is a lot clearer and feels much more supple and it looks more fresh, like it really has been doing the deep cleaning that’s it proven to do!

So what is hot cloth cleansing?
Hot cloth cleansing has been used in the world of beauty for many many decades;  barbers used to use it on men before a shave as it prepared the skin well for hair removal. It quickly moved into aromatherapy and is now very commonly used in spa treatments and facials as an alternative to the good old steamer. Steaming is often used in facials for opening up the pores and drawing the bad stuff in the skin up to the surface unclogging the pores. Hot cloth cleansing works in a similar way but also gives something extra, exfoliation.

Hot cloth cleansing is really effective when using a muslin cloth, and these actually come with certain cleansers particularly good for hot cloth cleansing such as the Décleor Aroma Cleanse mousse and the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. If you don’t have muslin cloths handy, then a face towel will work just as well.

First lather your cleanser into the skin, making sure you focus on problematic areas and massaging in circular motions. Now instead of rinsing with water from your hands, dampen a muslin cloth/face towel in warm/hot water. Let it cool very slightly, and then start to rub off the cleanser in circular motions as if you are using an exfoliator. Remove all the cleanser and splash lukewarm water over your face. The hot muslin cloth/ towel not only opens up your pores, but also dislodges dead skin cells revealing clean and clear skin. Doing this once in the morning and once in the evening, you will start to feel a real difference in your skins condition.



Look out for my review on this Décleor cleanser coming soon! Have you ever tried hot cloth cleansing? What do you think of it?

Love Nimisha


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