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I’m constantly scouring Cult Beauty for unique beauty buys, and I stumbled upon this little tool about three months ago. I’ve waited quite a while to write this review as I’ve been using it for the last few months and wanted to see if it actually does anything!!

There are some pretty amazing beauty tools out there for skincare, and this Jade Facial Roller is definitely one of them. I have to say, having used it for the last few months, I’ve genuinely seen a difference in the condition of my skin. Not only does it feel softer, but it appears more plump and abit more ‘alive’. My skin has a real tendency to look dull sometimes, but using this facial roller day and night, I’ve really seen my skin wake up when I need it to! In particular, it’s made a real difference to how my eyes look and has really reduced the puffiness of them. I’ve needed this product!!


So what does it actually do? The facial roller is made of pure Jade, which in many cultures is known as a healing stone. It’s often used in natural remedies to aid the body’s filtration organism expelling toxins. In particular it is great for use around the eye area to help lymph drainage and circulation. This quickly reduces dark circles and eliminates puffiness from around the eyes, as well as ironing out wrinkles over time (that I can’t confirm just yet!).

IMG_6176editI use my Jade Facial Roller twice a day, once in the morning after cleansing and toning before using my day moisturiser, and once at night after cleansing before applying my night cream. My technique is to just use up and down movements on my face and for my eye area, just circle around the eye applying a little more pressure on the inner eye area, allowing any fluid to be drained from the under eye area.

The place where i’ve seen a major difference is definitely my under eye area. I’ve noticed a real reduction in the puffiness under my eyes, and to be honest makes this tool a winner, as it beats any eye cream, or eye mask!

My top tip: Put the roller in the fridge or freezer (for extra coolness) and use cold on the skin to really wake your skin up!

Love Nimisha




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