A Cleansing Oil Conundrum


Do you ever get home from a long day and think, ‘jeez I still have to remove my makeup before I can hit the pillow’? This is me everyday.

I’m guilty to the fact that, in the past, for convenience sake, I’ve used cleansing wipes as a quick solution. But truth be told, I actually don’t like cleansing wipes at all, and I usually follow by cleansing my face with my Decléor cleanser straight after because I don’t like the dry feeling!

That was all the case until I got my hands on my first cleansing oil. *Enter drama queen*- it changed my life. Then another 4 came into the mix.

So what is a cleansing oil?

I keep saying cleansing oil, but actually cleansing waters are also really good. Oils are obviously a little thicker and when applying them, it literally feels like your makeup is melting away. In short, cleansing oils use the good oils in your skin to remove the bad oils. So no matter your skin type, a cleansing oil will mix with the pre-existing oils on your face, so when you rinse it off, the cleansing oil will take off the dirt and bad oil with it. Cleansing oils do not sink into your pores, rather they bind to surface impurities without clogging pores, and they get washed away, whilst hydrating the skin and leaving it refreshed, soft and without disturbing the skins balance.

At the moment, all brands are whipping out a cleansing oil or water and it can be overwhelming deciding what to go for, which is why I have tried a few, all different brands with different reputations but also different prices. Here are my top 5.

5. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


So in at 5 for me is this cleansing water by Garnier. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this micellar water, it does the trick and because it is a water, it doesn’t feel so heavy on my skin. It comes in as one of the cheaper cleansing waters at £3.29 so a massive 400ml and is your reliable drug store go-to; it’s good value for money and lasts a long time. My qualm with this product is that it is so water like, that I don’t feel like all my makeup is being washed away, and usually when I follow with my toner, makeup is still coming off. Micellar waters don’t actually need to be rinsed with water, and I think thats what bugs me a little, that you can just use a cotton pad to wipe your makeup off. Micellar waters take their name from micelles, which are cleansing molecules, that when in contact with dirt and bad oils, allows them to be swept away quickly.

4. Bioderma Micellar Solution


I love this small little bottle of Bioderma, it’s perfect to put in your handbag for emergencies! This was actually the first cleansing water that I used, and what converted me from make up wipes to cleansing oils/water. Bioderma is really popular, and I heard it being spoken about on almost every beauty blog/vlog so naturally I had to buy it! You can buy different sizes of Bioderma, and again, it comes in at the lower price range; £4.80 for this 100ml bottle. I like to use this as a quick fix rather than an all over application to get off my makeup at the end of the day, hence why I have a small bottle that I keep in my handbag!

3. Décleor Micellar Oil


This was the first oil I purchased, and actually the second cleansing oil/water I ever tried. And I love it! It’s actually a mixture of the two; a micellar water, and an oil. The micelle particles bind the impurities and cleanse deep into the skin while the oil kickstarts re-circulation and hydration to boost radiance. I like that you can rinse this product off your skin with water! It makes me feel like my skin is actually being cleaned! You can also see the makeup being removed with the water. It’s on the slightly more expensive side at £25 for 125ml, but you only need to use one pump per use so lasts a long time.

2. Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil


This product is RAVED about by beauticians, makeup artists and beauty bloggers, and there’s a reason… it’s that good. When you apply this oil you can literally see the makeup melting off your face. I love applying this and then wetting a face towel with lukewarm water and wiping the oil and makeup off. It honestly gets off all makeup in one application and leaves the skin feeling refreshed, soft and looking clean. Unlike the others, this oil uses jasmine flower extract and botanical oils to dissolve surface impurities and makeup. It’s slightly more expensive at £29.50 but for 200ml. This is a must-have!

1. Boscia Make up-Break up Cleansing Oil


So my absolute favourite cleansing oil (for now!) is the Boscia Makeup-Breakup cleansing oil. I found this little gem when I was in New York doing my ultra Sephora haul. I’m in love with this product and use it for even just small applications of makeup because it removes even the smallest traces of makeup to reveal soft, fresh skin. Since using this product to remove my makeup, I have seen a genuine reduction in the amount of blemishes I get and I think its because of its anti-oxidant and botanical oil properties as well as ingredients that refreshes the skin and always minimises pore size, which help prevent clogging. My skin appears brighter and clearer after using this. As for value for money, it also ticks this box! For the 1.7oz, it comes in at $10! I’m still trying to find a store I can buy this from in the UK but quite frankly it just once again shows that we need a Sephora in the UK!!

What are your favourite cleansing oils/water?

Love Nimisha




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