The Fitness Focus : January


Every month I will be doing a post called The Fitness Focus where I will share a few of my fave health, fitness tips and interests from the month before. I made a promise to myself that in 2016 I would be more health and fitness conscious so this will hopefully keep me in track a little!

The instagram account that inspired me:

So many instagram accounts inspire me to exercise and eat healthier. I tend to look at an Instagram account where I feel like I actually need to re-evaulate my life goals, because I need that constant bikini bod and the body envy kicks me into shape! The instagram account that I discovered this month that really inspired me was Shona Vertue’s account (@shona_vertue). She is a yoga teacher and personal trainer that is London-based, and quite frankly has got me feeling body envy! I’m a massive fan of squats and Shona also raves about squats, lunges and deadlifts being the best exercises because they actually work! No gimmicks or frills! Butt like hers please!

The youtube fitness video im watching:

So there isn’t really a particular video that I am watching at the moment, however a channel that I always refer to for that quick exercise is Kayla Itsines’ channel. I love her fitness programme and her tips, and she has those unique toning exercises which are really good for working different parts of the body.

The fitness gear I’m using:

I’ve gone back to using weights alot, and I have the Davina McCall 3 sets of weights. I use these alot for toning and also when doing squats. They add that bit of resistance that is perfect for toning and I actually really feel the difference.

The workout song I’m listening to:

99 souls –the girls is mine. Its upbeat and includes one of my all time favourite songs. Music like this is key for me during exercise.

The recipe im trying:

Ever since my sister bought Madeleine Shaw’s Get the Glow, I have been a little bit obsessed with her recipes. She makes all her food look as good as KFC and its all super healthy. Me and my family have been trying out lots of her recipes and personally I love them. I find her recipes easy to follow and not too out-the-ordinary where you need some random plant seed from brazil!

The app thats getting me through:

The 30 day fitness challenge! I’m sure you’re all aware of the 30 day squat challenge? Well this is an app that has loads of 30 days challenges on there for whole body workouts. And you can track each one. Really good for goal setting and tracking your progress.

Join me next month for an update….!

Love Nimisha



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