Yoga for Pregnancy, Lushtums with Jaina Bhana-Mistry


Have you ever considered Yoga during pregnancy? I personally love yoga, and use many of the breathing techniques and poses every day, and helps me feel more relaxed, allows me to de-stress and also helps to strengthen my body in a controlled way.

LushTums is a brand new pregnancy yoga class-taking place at several locations across Manchester and East Cheshire. At LushTums we prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally for labour, birthing and early motherhood, as well as enjoying a better pregnancy and meeting lots of other mums-to-be!

LushTums classes focus on key movements to help your baby into a good position for birth. You will learn Birth Breathing techniques to use during labour and birth. Yoga can help prevent and alleviate many pregnancy aliments such as back-ache, insomnia, SPD and heartburn as well as keeping you fit, strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy!

A typical LushTums class consists of a series of Asanas; movements, poses and sequences to help you feel more comfortable and aware of your pregnant body. All our classes are tailored to your aliments and we have a laugh and a giggle as we practice some of our birth techniques. We also practice Savasana with a guide Yoga Nidra at the end of every class; a 20 minute deep relaxation that can be as beneficial to you and your baby and is equivalent to a good two to three hour unbroken sleep. Deep relaxations can also help to reduce anxiety and promote deep sleep – something we all need a bit more of during pregnancy.


Our pregnancy classes are a great introduction to yoga, mindfulness and positive changes for you and your baby. You can practice from 15/16 week to full term. We welcome beginners and more experience yogi’s.

I have been practicing yoga for many years. I learn lots on the mat, which I incorporate into my everyday life. I love connecting with the breath, it enables you to control every challenging situations with calmness and ease.

Read our review, our classes have been rated 5 stars by most of our students on facebook. Take a peek at our pictures and birth stories, we are having a great time and would love for you to join us.
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We look forward to seeing you in our class soon!
Love Jaina

200HRS RYT and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher & Antenatal Educator.
M: 07738390113



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