10 Favourite Halloween Looks From YouTube


Halloween is in a couple of days, and I’m sure this weekend is packed with Halloween style events and parties! I love to dress up but I’m so last minute that I tend to go for the simple outfit and just make more of an effort with hair and makeup! If you haven’t got time to get yourself a proper good outfit, take some creative inspiration from these awesome Halloween looks by some fab YouTubers!

1. Colourful Halloween Skull – Kaushal Beauty

2. Melting Skull – Desi Perkins

3. Glam Glitter Skull – By Jeannine

4. Warewolf Makeup – Bella Makeup

5. Sugarfiend, The Candy Killer – Nicole Guerriero

6. Demon Pulled Up Skin – Nikkie Tutorials

7. Cat Face Makeup – Melly Sanchez

8. Easy deer Makeup – TheMakeupChair

9. Creepy Dark Clown – Mystese Beauty

10. Bad Plastic Surgery – Laura Lee

Happy Halloween y’all!

Love Nimisha



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