6 Things You Get From Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone


So last week I talked about comfort zones as I posted my very first fashion related posts. I talked about the meaning of a comfort zone and what it means to break out of them. This post is going to be about what you get out of breaking out of your comfort zone. So what can you get out of breaking out of your comfort zone (it should probably be worth it right?). If you ask me… it is.

1. An increase in productivity

You are essentially less productive staying within the zone of comfort, for the reason that its generally easier and more comfortable to actually stay there. You can expect the outcomes of your actions because you are so mentally prepared for it… you’re so comfortable with it. Comfort actually kills productivity, because we tend to do the minimum at this point and not expand ourselves and our mind. Comfort often stops people from learning new things, trying new things, following through on ambitions and having drive. This often happens at work and as a result, progression can be hard. The moment you start pushing your personal boundaries, you can do things sooner, you learn new things, and you actually really enjoy things.

2. You harness your creativity

Creatives are known for thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries. They have a tendancy to open the door to new experiences and accept learning opportunities and new experiences. If you want to enlighten your creative self, step out of your comfort zone.

3. Change doesn’t scare you

Have you ever heard someone say ‘I hate change’. You’ve probably heard it a million times and to be honest this isn’t a critique of that personality trait. There are loads of things I love just the way they are and wouldn’t want them to change. But with stepping out of your comfort zone, there will probably be a certain level of change, with new and unexpected things happening, but its important to be able to acknowledge those feelings of fear and uncertainty so that if leave your comfort zone whether by choice or by circumstance, you can prep yourself for it. You are then always in control.

4. It’s where the magic happens- seriously.

The old cliché drawing that you’ve likely seen is a good representation of this. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is an important factor in personal growth. Can we really expect to evolve and do great things if we only stick to habit? Do you remember when you were a kid and you feared nothing? Kids are the best for stepping out of their comfort zones because they love trying new things! As we grow older, gain a conscience, know what we like and dislike, we tend to create a comfort zone and stay put in there. Amazing things can happen if you come out of it and you will define yourself authentically.

5. You may discover something new

Nobody is perfect, and perfection is hard to strive for. When you accept that and let go of that unnecessary pressure, you will lose that hesitation that has stopped you in the past. You may discover greatness, or that you are actually really good at something, or that you just enjoy something so much! It’s always a risk, and failure is always a possibility when you take risks, but you’ll always learn from it, be able to embrace it and grow from it.

6. You will have no regrets

Imagine if you said no to every opportunity, or every new thing that came your way; they’ll be a time in your life when you back and think, ‘what if?’ or ‘imagine if I took that opportunity’… ‘I wonder what would have happened if’. By jumping at opportunities and stepping out of your comfort zone, whether they work out or not, you’ll never have regrets. This is because you’ve simply just given it a go at least. At the very least, it’s just another story to tell. Just take the plunge and go for it!

Life doesn’t begin at 30… it begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Love Nimisha



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