Comfort Zones


How often do you step outside your comfort zone? Or a better question, how often do you do what’s comfortable for you? I think most of us tend to stay within our comfort zone circle; day to day we generally only do what we feel comfortable and at ease with. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just we tend to do what sits well with us. Things that don’t push our boundaries so much. Because let’s face it, doing something that isn’t necessarily within our comfort range can be quite daunting and stressful.

This week on my blog I’m talking comfort zones, and more specifically, stepping out of them.

It’s because I did something this week that was outside my levels of comfort. I did a fashion photoshoot! Something that I have wanted to do since I started my blog. Those who know me, know that I cringe at having my picture taken because I never like the way I look on camera. But I decided, if I was ever going to do this (because I’ve always wanted to) then I have to step outside my comfort zone, and just do it. And I did, and actually I had so much fun and am looking forward to carrying it on! I guess you’ll always be your own worst critic, but again that’s one of our biggest reasons for not stepping out the comfort zone and pushing ourselves a little. But have confidence in yourself and you will fly.

So what is a comfort zone…

It’s a space where your behaviours and activities fit a routine or pattern that minimises risk and stress. When you are in your comfort zone you are provided with mental security and you benefit in ways such as gaining regular happiness, reduced levels of anxiety and low levels of stress. Sound like the zone you’ve been chilling in? – I know I’ve been.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say they ‘perform better under pressure’. They or you may not have realised it, but they are actually indirectly referring to stepping outside their comfort zone. In order to increase performance, a certain level of anxiety is needed, and stress levels will be slightly higher. Obviously too much stress and anxiety will cause your performance to drop, but a little is needed in order to push yourselves to the next level. I think I can speak for most people when I say that when you push yourself past your boundary, you can turn up amazing results, maybe something you thought you couldn’t do.

They say you should try do one thing every day that is outside your comfort zone. Whether it be introducing yourself to someone in the office you’ve never spoken to before, or putting a catch up in the diary with someone you’ve always wanted to chat to, or going to salsa class. You’ll surprise yourself once you’ve done it, and feel hella happy about it as well!

I’ll be talking more about the positives of stepping out your comfort zone soon on the blog! And speaking of comfort…. this ASOS knit is totally comfy for the winter!

nimisham_051116-020 nimisham_051116-021 nimisham_051116-022nimisham_051116-024 nimisham_051116-026 nimisham_051116-027 nimisham_051116-028 nimisham_051116-029 nimisham_051116-030 nimisham_051116-031 nimisham_051116-032 nimisham_051116-033 nimisham_051116-035 nimisham_051116-036


Knit – ASOS

Knee high boots – Daisy Street Fashion (similar here)

Bag – New Look (similar here)

Bowler hat – (similar here)


I guess you never know what you’re capable of until you try.

Love Nimisha


Images courtesy of Chandan Sojitra


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