I’m Talking Spring Cleaning – 5 Ways

Hiya! So spring has finally arrived! I don’t know about you, but I’m so happy to see the start of some decent weather, the longer days, and the ability to unearth a piece of clothing from my wardrobe that isn’t woollen. It feels like the cold has hung around for too long and is just no longer welcome!

The start of a new season is always a good time for change. So many things around us change naturally anyway and so it’s another marker for us to try something new, makes some changes or just declutter. Spring for me is the perfect time to do this. I feel like in the colder months I start to feel bit bogged down, abit restless and not that excited. The weather actually plays a big part in that, and I really do count down to the sun coming out. The sun, brightness and warmth genuinely gives people abit of a spring in their step… don’t mind the pun.

This year I’ve made a real effort to declutter- from things in my room, to my mind, to work, to people. I started the year with a trip that allowed me to stop caring about pointless things and appreciate the beauty of being alone at times, and not caring about the ‘fear of missing out’. We are constantly surrounded by influences around us; things that make us question our own lives and things that make us insecure that we are in the wrong place and at the wrong time. The reality is, we are all just fine, but maybe need to have a clear out of things around us that aren’t adding value.

So I want to do abit of a spring clean. Not just in the literal sense, because believe me I actually do love a spring clean, but of my life in general. The definition of spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning out and I’ve got 5 ways you can spring clean your life… starting from now (because it’s spring).

1. Clear your schedule

Or better yet, fill it with things that are good for your mind, body and soul, but also create some time for chilling. We all think we can do it all, every plan, all the work and all the play, but the reality is that we are mistaking the emotional high we get from multitasking as what is beneficial from productivity. Technology doesn’t even help that. We think by getting the train into work rather than driving, we have that extra hour or so to answer more emails or complete more work, when really we are then working beyond our hours, getting more tired, and probably more stressed. I love a day when I genuinely have a clear diary and one thing I make sure I do at work now is block out time in my diary where I can just get on with what I need to, at my own pace. Another thing to do, is stop the auto-yes. Say no sometimes, and not just at work!!

2. Clear the clutter

De-clutter you wardrobe, your desk at work, your house, your car. Theres nothing worse than hoovering around the mess. So take some time to actually clear those things that are piling up- the things we struggle to let go of. Apparently, just even LOOKING at clutter raises our stress hormones so start small, tackle one area at a time and get through the clutter. Do this regularly, be consistent and be attentive to it. You’ll probably start to enjoy it.

3. Clear the negativity

Clearing your mind aids the the health of your soul and being able to clear negativity is part of that. Sometimes when things don’t feel like they are going right, being positive is a struggle. We like to take control of everything, take on all problems and think about things that haven’t even happened yet. Take control of what is controllable, in the present and things that we can influence and have a positive outlook. I know for one, I could probably do with practicing patience a little better, often worrying when I don’t know whats going to happen. Practicing mindfulness and meditating more has really helped me to just be present me in the moment. Don’t get me wrong, its hard practice, but one to definitely adopt. Clear the clutter from your mind, and you’ll start to think a lot clearer with a much more positive mindset.

4. Forget the grudges

When doing a clear out, its important to let stuff go. That includes grudges, and over-care for things that really do not matter. Life is too short to hold on to things that are not serving you with anything positive and sometimes letting go is the best and only way to heal. Don’t rely on others to help this, you’re in control of what you do and think and learning to forgive and accept will honestly set you free. Unfortunately the past is just that and can’t be changed, all thats left is to move forward. Whatever they did, whatever you did, whatever happened… let it go and move on.

5. Clear your unhealthy lifestyle

Spring is a good time to start being healthier and living better. I don’t know about you but the cold makes me eat crap for comfort and give up on the exercise a bit. Now that spring has arrived, I’m excited to get back into shape, kick the unhealthy habits, have a detox and start something new. Adopt a fitness plan to keep you active and that will keep you motivated, and keep a track of what you’re eating. I recently started yoga classes which I’ve been wanting to do for ages, 5 weeks in and I’m really loving it, and feel like I’ve already started to see the benefits.


Jumper – Old (Nobody’s child), alternative

Mom Jeans – Topshop

Kicks – New Look

There are many ways in which you can give your life a little spring clean. Having that discipline and motivation to make a couple of changes for the better will be great in the long run. I quite like using this time to declutter, it keeps me a little more organised for the rest of the year.

Happy spring and namaste!

Love Nimisha


Images courtesy of Chandan Sojitra


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