#NationalLipstickDay – 8 Simple Facts

IMG_8423editWhat a great day for lippy lovers! If there was any excuse to indulge yourselves amongst the cosmetics department, today was the one! It’s National Lipstick Day today so I hope you all added another MAC lipstick to your collection at the very least! I’ve put together ‘8 Simple Facts… about Lipstick’… if you were curious!

1. Lipsticks go WAY back. We’re talking 4-5 thousand years ago by Ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia. Women used to grind up precious gems that they found and sprinkle the dust on their lips!

2. Believe it or not, there was a time where both men and women wore lipsticks at equal rank.  Back in the day, lipstick was used to show social status. Strange eh…

3. Rihanna step aside. Her Majesty, The Queen of England loves a lipstick! She even had her own shade made for her coronation! It was called the Balmoral Lipstick. She likes to apply this in public sometimes (ahem you may have seen her doing this casually at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games recently).

4. You may be glad to know that lipsticks are no longer made of stones! Most are made from beeswax, oils and emollients, as well as ingredients such as vitamin e that are really good for keeping your lips healthy.

5. The first swivel up lipstick was made in 1923! What a creation!

6. Women will on average use up to 9 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. Thats waaaay more than I weighed as a baby!

7. For a long time, wearing red lipstick was seen as Satan worshipping. Not quite the same these days with statistics showing that 70% of men thinking that red lipstick is sexy and over 30% of women believing that red lipstick can get themselves out of a parking ticket!

8. Apparently studies have shown that lipsticks sale tend to rise on rainy and gloomy days. That sounds about right! Guilty as charged.

All this talk of lipstick is making me want to take another trip to my local House of Fraser to raid the cosmetics counters! Here’s what I wore today! It’s my favourite lipstick combination of MAC’s ‘Jist’ and Bobbi Brown’s ‘Pink Buff’.my lipstick

Besos xoxo


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