8 Simple Rules… for surviving Autumn/Winter

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So the hot weather has left us (sort of), the days are gradually getting shorter, and sooner or later the hot water bottles and woolly hats will be out! Ok it’s not that cold YET, but seeing as summer came and went at the click of our fingers, it won’t be long before we will have to start that Christmas shopping! Personally I absolutely LOVE Autumn, something about the fashion, the not too cold temperature and of course my birthday (most importantly) just gets me excited for this season every year! It can be pretty sad leaving summer behind, so here are 8 simple rules for surviving Autumn/Winter!

Embrace the change Summer has gone, it’s time to move on for the time being and realise that it’ll be back next year! But until then, the Autumn and Winter seasons have so much to offer. Particularly in Autumn, it’s not actually too cold yet, the trees still look beautiful and the air is fresh. I love Autumn colours, the deep reds, oranges, browns, dark greens and purples- some of my favourite colours- so I try to embrace the scenery and follow this kind of colour scheme through into my clothing- and this usually means going shopping!! Which takes me to rule number 2…

Change up that wardrobe Fall fashion is my absolute favourite to shop for! If your wardrobe is bursting with summer clothes, then treat yourself to some key Autumn/Winter pieces. I love this seasons fashion because of the knits, boots and gorgeous coats. Fall fashion is so versatile and you can look so stylish with minimal effort. The great thing about Autumn aswell, is that you don’t necessarily have to layer up completely. After seeing the fall Fashion Weeks from around the world recently, I am so looking forward to going shopping!

Do a spring clean in Autumn I love to do this every so often, I empty out my whole wardrobe, rearrange everything, get rid of things I no longer can wear or want and just give things a good clean. Even changing my sheets from summery ones, to more Autumnal colours. They say cleaning, de-cluutering and organising stimulates your brain and refreshes your mind, and I always think this is a good time to do that! I find it therapeutic switching my wardrobe around from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter and I like arranging things so that I can easily see where they are and what I can wear… and maybe even see where the gaps in my shopping are (I’m Nimisha, and I am a Shop-a-holic… but I’m not sorry!).

Re-jig your beauty routine – The summer beauty routine is very different from the Autumn regime. Your skin is fighting lots of changes due to the weather- the wind, rain and cold can have negative effects on your skin, so take the time to give your beauty routine some TLC. The tendency is for the skin to start looking more dull as opposed to the fresh-faced sun-kissed summer look, however with a slight change in the way you take care of your skin during this time, you can keep it looking healthy and glowing. I will be doing all sorts of Autumn/Winter beauty posts with my tips on keeping your skin looking fresh this season so stay tuned!

Boost your immune system – I’m quite used to getting about 3 bouts of the flu during Autumn/Winter (attractive I know), but I can never get used to how rubbish I feel when i’m ill! As it gets colder, the days are shorter and there is less opportunity to get your vitals from the sun, therefore doing everything to boost your immune system even slightly, is crucial. In particular boosting your immune system by increasing your intake of vitamin C helps more than you know, so stock up on oranges and drink plenty of warm lemon water during these months to fight the bacteria and germs! Apart from that it is so important to keep up good health during the colder months, keeping warm, hydrated and getting plenty of sleep is essential to good health at this time of the year.

Keep active We all have that tendency to curl up into a ball to keep warm and avoid walking anywhere because its raining and cold! Summer is quite an active season, people love to be out and about, and honestly speaking there is really no reason why we shouldn’t keep this up in the Autumn and Winter. The dilemma arises when all summer you’ve been getting used to your new exercise plan which involves the great outdoors – then in comes Autumn and who wants to do that in the rain! Change up your exercise routine to fit the change in the weather or challenge yourself to doing something active in place of when you would have gone running for example. I think I’ll stick to home exercise or classes during these months 😉

Change your hair If you’re going to change your clothes ready for the fall, why not change your hair? If you’ve had light hair for the summer, go for something darker and warmer. Or vice versa. The change will re-energise you as you look forward to the change in yourself.

Make plans! If it’s too cold for you, save for that sunny getaway. I love Autumn, but can’t stand the temperatures in Winter… which is why I’m off to Miami and Mexico in December! If you’re not planning a holiday, then make plans and stick to them. Fight the miserable weather with fun plans and things to look forward to. If you’re in the UK, London is beautiful all year round and it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the things it has to offer that don’t involve being outside, such as going to the theatre, eating at fantastic restaurants and even exploring your artistic or historical side at the museums.

How are you feeling about Autumn/Winter?

Love Nimisha



    • niminotes
      September 28, 2014 / 7:45 pm

      Thank you hun! I totally agree, fantastic time of the year 😉 xo

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