My Guide to Bushy Eyebrows


BROWS… such a sensitive topic these days!! And let’s be honest, an eyebrow compliment from anyone in this day and age is considered one of life’s peak moments (I’ve said this many times before). I was recently at Atlanta airport in America when the passport control lady looked at my passport and then looked at me and said ‘Girrrrl, I love your eyebrows, I have such eyebrow envy right now’- and yes she really did say it like that. My day was made.

Growing up my eyebrows were all over the place, completely overgrown and on the brink of a monobrow. Sadly all my childhood photos have been locked away and I can’t find the key so unfortunately I can’t share a picture with you… shame. But so that you know, I didn’t look great. I finally discovered threading at the age of 12 and was able to neaten them up a little. Nonetheless they have still remained thick, and a little bushy. My mum always used to, and still does tell me to keep my eyebrows thick, so I just kept them thick and over the years have grown to really appreciate them. Mum always knows best. Especially now that thick eyebrows are the shiz, I’ve learnt to just live with my brows. So why should we embrace bushy eyebrows…?

Bushy brows are natural and quirky. Not everything on your face needs to look aesthetically perfect. Sometimes filled in eyebrows just looks too drawn-on and solid. Your eyebrows are made of hair and are meant to look hairy… not drawn on! Just give them a shape up and embrace thick ones if you have them because its very likely that they give you that edge or quirkiness.

When you have bushy eyebrows, I would say that the main tools you need are thread (if you can thread eyebrows) tweezers, cosmetic scissors and maybe an eyebrow brush. You don’t need to worry with all these eyebrow gels, pencils and fillers. The key to bushy eyebrows is for them to not look overly shaped. I thread my eyebrows to give them that overall shape but they have always remained quite thick.

Your bare face is a beautiful blank canvas and your brows give you that natural shape and thick brows can be a gorgeous defining feature. Work around your brows so that they stand out and do the talking. There is nothing that can enhance your natural beauty as much as a pair of eyebrows that have been allowed to go to their natural shape. Bold, thick eyebrows have also been said to draw attention away from dark circles, revealing a healthier glow. Oooh ayyy…

Thick, bushy and bold eyebrows are totally in fashion right now, and perfectly acceptable. I’m happy to be sharing my eyebrow look with some pretty trend-setting people.

Ladies who make me proud to have bushy and thick eyebrows:

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[images src=”” title=”image title” caption=”Cara Delevingne – Who doesn’t talk about her eyebrows!? They are unreal! Cara took the fashion industry by storm with everyone pinpointing those furry brows and she absolutely rocks them. Lots of models have a statement, and those are hers.” url=”url”]
[images src=”” title=”image title” caption=”Emma Watson – She is such an icon. Dark, thick eyebrows suit her so well. Not only does she make me proud to be a feminist, but she makes me proud to have bushy eyebrows.” url=”url”]
[images src=”” title=”image title” caption=”Keira Knightley – I adore Keira, she is beautiful! She oozes natural beauty and always looks effortlessly stunning, and her eyebrows are a reflection of that too!” url=”url”]
[images src=”” title=”image title” caption=”Gigi Hadid – One of my newest girl crushes. She has got those gorgeous asian features and her dark bushy eyebrows are one of them! So I’ll choose to believe anyway!” url=”url”]
[images src=”” title=”image title” caption=”Jennifer Connelly – Her thick, dark eyebrows helps to reveal this youthful glowing look in her face and I always think she looks absolutely naturally stunning.” url=”url”]
[images src=”” title=”image title” caption=”Sofia Vergara – Even hot latinas can rock bushy eyebrows. Sofia’s are pretty bold, but completely natural looking, totally suiting her.” url=”url”]
[images src=”” title=”image title” caption=”Audrey Hepburn – Even one of the most adored and beautiful movie and fashion icons loved hefty brows. That’s good enough for me…” url=”url”]

I’m now a firm believer in embracing bushy eyebrows! So if you have them, don’t get rid of them!

Love Nimisha




  1. April 10, 2019 / 7:49 am

    I accidentally plucked my eyebrows because I wanted to have nice fine eyebrows and I accidentally or well I just made my eyebrows thinner and really not the same as I used to have them.

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