6 Simple Ways to Combat Bed Hair

Ever wake up in the morning wondering if you were dragged through a forest or caught up in a hurricane… all because of the state of your hair when you wake up? Yeahh you do. Here are 6 simple tips to avoid/deal with it!

1. Frizz-ease that bed hair 


I love Frizz-ease products… they work! John Frieda is quite the don when it comes to forgetting frizz! When I really need them, Frizz-Ease products are perfect for combatting bed hair frizz! The product in the picture above is great for maintaining frizz over a few days in- between washes. Their serums are also really effective when you are trying to fix your hair in the morning or after styling.

2. Avoid it with a nighttime hairstyle


This is a great little trick for doing two things at once with your hair. Not only does it give you a  pretty decent hairstyle when you wake up but it also tames your bed hair very well.  This is more of a “prevent the bed hair” kind of tip, and it really works quite nicely. Before I go to bed, I sometimes braid my hair (one big plait) and sleep with it. This can be done on both dry or wet hair and works just as well with either. When you wake up and take your hair out, it leaves nice neat waves. I like doing this, because it looks like natural beach waves!

3. Mousse and oil after washing 


At the moment, my favourite hair routine post hair-wash is using a little morrocon argon oil, followed by hair mousse before blow drying my hair. I don’t do this every time I wash my hair, and I definitely don’t hairdry my hair every time. But maybe once a week when I know I want to style my hair (or have it look decent), I do this. It thickens my roots and but keeps the hair in control and feeling soft. If I do this before I go to bed, not gonna lie- I wake up with pretty good looking hair. *I woke up like this*. You can read more about my current hair maintenance and style routine here!

4. Bed hair easy bun


When my hair is really going crazy and I can’t stand it in my face, I resort to an easy up do. My favourite is the hair bun. To be honest, any hairstyle that hides my bed hair is fine, but a good bun sometimes needs that messiness you get from bed hair to actually look quite nice and stay thick. This type of bun is so easy to do. I firstly gather all my hair back and tie it into a ponytail. I then wrap the ponytail around the hair tie and secure it using another. I sometimes use bobby pins to secure it aswell. I then pull out strands of hair to ‘messy’ it up a little. So simple!

5. Tame it with heat 


If you’re really hating on your bed hair, the best thing to do is brush it through and take to a hair straightener. The ultimate fix for bed hair is taming it, and that generally means using a heat appliance like a straight or curling iron. I use my hair straightener for both really and often end up taming the messy bits of hair by straightening it! To be honest, even a quick swipe through of the straightener will reduce your bed hair significantly, making it at least bearable to manage and even look at!

6. Embrace it

IMG_6159editSometimes that ‘just got outta bed’ look, looks pretty chic. My hair is relatively thick and naturally wavy so my bed hair can be pretty wild. I embrace its thickness and swoop it over to one side. Sometimes I even put thickening product through my hair to keep it that way. Sometimes, the times I leave my hair to do it’s own thing, are the times I get the most hair compliments… and ultimately, that’s what we aim for everyday.

I hope you enjoy these tips!

Love Nimisha



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