The 3-Week Pre-Holiday Cleanse


AHHH I’m super excited, in less than a month… actually in 21 days I’m off to New York and Las Vegas for some much needed, escape-this-shitty-weather break!! It’s come at a good time, when work is getting a bit same-old, and you need a little breather to come back feeling refreshed and ready for some more challenges.

I’ve been to both New York and Vegas before and love both cities… I still have that dream to live in New York, and I’m really excited about this particular trip because I’m going with my best friend Melisa and we’ve got a lot planned and we’ve managed to plan and book most of the things we both wanted to do out there!

Counting down to the day we leave now, I’m starting a bit of a cleanse/detox. No one wants to look bad on holiday! So I’m trying this for 3 weeks, starting it today and will give you an update in a week with how things are going! It’s all about staying healthy and giving your body that cleanse and energy boost that is much needed when travelling, especially long distances, and considering a lot of my trip may potentially be spent partying… this is so needed!

Hydration, cleanse and boost:

– 1 glass of hot water and lemon – every morning before/after breakfast

– 2,250ml of water – Daily (thats 3 750ml Evian bottles)

– Multivitamin with B complex and Vitamin C

There is no harm in drinking above your recommended daily amount, just be sure to sip it throughout the day as drinking large amounts in one go can cause an unbalance of electrolytes in your body, and this is quite dangerous. For women, the recommended amount is roughly 1,600ml a day. I want to see if drinking a little more a day keeps my skin looking clear, fresh and rejuvenated, and I’m looking to see if it makes a difference to dark circles. There is a world of benefits with drinking hot water and lemon… find out more here. As for the vitamins, this is just for all round general good health, and making sure my energy levels are high and my immune system is keeping healthy.

Check back here is a week when i’ll give you a quick update on how it’s going!

Love Nimisha



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