8 Simple Ways to Keeping Your Makeup Fresh

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Do you ever find that you apply the best makeup in the morning and by midday you look a mess? I get that a lot! I have combination skin and some products I use bring out the oily side, and it then makes me super paranoid that I look too shiny! I’m all for the dewy look, but not the over-dewy look! Over time, I’ve adapted my makeup routine in order to maintain it throughout the day, so I’m not letting the hustle and bustle of life show on my face! Here are a few tips to keeping your makeup fresh throughout the day…

Always start with the perfect base

Theres no doubt that clear, good and healthy skin is the key to the perfect flawless makeup look. Dry spots and oily areas can be targeted and managed in your makeup regimen, however a good application of makeup really depends on the condition of your base. For me, the most important thing here is a good skincare routine, and by this I mean, cleanse, tone and moisturise, as well as exfoliating 2-3 times a week, and applying a facemask 1-2 times a week. That might all seem like a bit much, but it goes a long way to making sure your skin is looking radiant, youthful and blemish-free. One of the key things here that can improve your makeup application and longevity is exfoliating. Scouring away those dead skin cells, debris and excess bad oils will reveal a new and improved surface; the easiest way to keep your makeup looking fresh.

A good primer

Primers or makeup bases are fantastic for holding your makeup together and also stopping it from fading throughout the day. The first thing to do is use a moisturiser. This goes without saying for an essential part of your skincare routine, but moisturiser itself is a fantastic primer. Apply moisturiser and allow a couple of minutes for that to soak into your skin- applying anything on top of wet moisturiser is counter-productive! Then apply a primer, my ultimate favourite is the Smashbox original primer which I’ve raved about for years. Sometimes, instead of this primer, I will use the Stila One Step Correct. This is great and gives a smooth base and even complexion. The same goes for eye makeup too, use a decent primer like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Use the right tools

I’m not a fan of using my fingers at all for applying makeup (I don’t really like touching my face with lots of different products!). Good makeup tools are important for flawless application of makeup and just as important for maintaining a strong hold throughout the day. Well- blended makeup lasts longer and for this you need good tools. Having said that, keeping your brushes clean is super important as excess oils and dirt build up within them and transfer onto your skin as you apply your makeup. Check out my post on a homemade recipe for makeup brush cleaning.

Setting powder

A finishing powder sets your makeup and often blurs imperfections and controls shine. I love applying a powder after my makeup as it gives it that sealed finished and also eliminates the excess shine. Powders are also good for eliminating fine lines and those bumpy areas. As well as setting your makeup, powders are great for adjusting your makeup throughout the day keeping it looking fresh and taking away shine or grease that starts to show throughout the day. My two favourites are Corn Silk and the Lily Lolo Mineral Finishing Powder. Both matify your skin without making your makeup look crusty or dry; it gives more of a flawless finish.

Blotting paper

Instead of applying more and more makeup throughout the day to keep it looking fresh, I like to use blotting powder to take away excess oil and keep the shine away. This actually works so well and is a lot better for your skin than piling on more makeup.

Less is more

Sometimes the more you have on, the more opportunity you have to look like your makeup is all over the place as the day goes on. Throughout the day you might find yourself touching your face, or rubbing it for some reason, and the more you have on, the more that these movements can be seen.

Go waterproof

It goes without saying but waterproof makeup lasts longer. Eye makeup in particular lasts much longer when waterproof. For some reason my eyes water a lot because they are sensitive (or I just cry a lot) so I often find my eye makeup smudging, or by me trying to fix it, I ruin it! To stop yourself looking panda-eyed, use waterproof eyeliner and mascara- it really goes a long way!

Carry a facial mist or fix-it spray

You might think a quick spritz will ruin your makeup but actually using the right product can really boost the look of your makeup throughout the day as it starts to look a little tired and dull. The MAC fix-up spray is by far my fave and I have used it for years, and it’s also great for priming your face before application. Another good find is the ‘Makeup Fixing Mist’ by Pixi which is also great for maintaining your makeup throughout the day, keeping it flawless and refreshed.

Hope these tips help!

Love Nimisha



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