The Essential Makeup Brushes


You can never have too many brushes, and I can confess… I am a brushaholic. But can you blame me? There are so many brushes on the market and new tools to help you gain the most flawless makeup finish, and naturally we need them all…obviously!! That being said, there are some absolute essentials, so if I had to pick a few, these would be them.


Buffing – Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush

When I first started wearing foundation I used to have a flat brush, but I was never really keen on them as it felt like I was painting a picture! I first discovered buffing brushes with Real Techniques and soon after came across the Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush which is my all time favourite foundation brush however recently I bought this 3DHD Kabuki from Sigma and I absolutely love it! This brush is designed to cover all areas of the skin in powder, cream and liquid foundations making sure you don’t miss a spot! The bristles are so soft too- one of my favourite things about Sigma brushes!


Concealing – Sigma Soft Blend Concealer Brush

I’m so used to applying concealer with my fingers as it does the trick just fine, but I’ve realised I really hate touching my face too much whilst applying makeup! I decided to buy a concealer brush on a whim just to see if it makes a difference, and I have to say it makes all the difference. This Sigma concealer brush is so soft and helps blend so well without wasting concealer.


Contouring – Sephora Pro Contour Blender

I’ve tried powder, liquid and cream contouring and realised that the brush is the difference. A good contouring brush is super important in blending the contour but also making sure there are no harsh lines and that the contour looks natural. I found this contour brush in Sephora during my trip to New York last year and it’s now my go-to; this and the Real Techniques Flat Contour. The Sephora contour is good for creating the contour line and gently blending it out and the shape of the brush goes with the direction of blending and the curves of your face.


All rounder – Real Techniques Buffer Brush

To me, this is the ultimate all round brush. I really do use it for everything, whether applying foundation, BB cream and concealer- especially when I am in a rush! It’s just that one brush that is good for everything. It’s quite a thick bristly brush, but really soft and blends creams and liquid products really well. There is a massive difference between painting your foundation on and buffing. Buffing gives you a natural, flawless, even finish.


Blush – Sephora Pro Precision Blush Brush

A good blush brush is important for applying the right amount of product in the right place so you don’t end up with red rosy cheeks but instead a flush of colour on the apples of your cheeks and high areas. I love using the Real Techniques Blush Brush as it’s got a tapered cut and gives high definition, however I picked up this Sephora Blush Brush last year and I love it because its smaller and allows for a more precise application of blush.


Blend – Sigma Blending Brush

You always need a good blending brush for powder eyeshadows. The Sigma ones are so soft and easy to use. Blending brushes are good for applying and blending at the same time. Really similar to the MAC 217’s which I have too, but right now I am loving the Sigma ones.


Shade – Real Techniques Shading Brush

If you’re big on eye makeup, then as well as blending brush, you need a shading brush that adds precision, whether its in the corners, the outer edges or the crease. I’ve always used this brush because its small and the fibres are really soft. This brush is good for packing on colour and also for adding abit of eyeshadow under the lower lash line.


It’s all in the tools you use! What are your brush essentials?

Love Nimisha




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