6 Simple Ways to Boost your Energy at Work


Whether youve started off your day groggy or you hit those infamous mid-working day walls- everyone at some point starts to lose energy (or the will to live) at work. This happens to me often, I usually start the day really energised, regardless of how much sleep I have. MY morning routine allows me to get that energy fix and I’m set for the morning. My run-up to lunch is usually really productive after drinking my lemon water in the morning and after having had a good healthy breakfast. Its after lunch that I always hit that wall. About an hour/hour and half after I’ve eaten, I hit that slump and I literally feel like I could get into my onesie, and into bed- and I’m not exaggerating. Many people get that tired feeling when they are really focussing on something for a long period of time or they are in a meeting boring or not. Here are 6 simple ways to boost your energy at work that have worked well for me.


This is a common piece of advice given to office workers who sit at their desks relentlessly staring at their screens. It’s never good for your mood, concentration or eyesight to be focussing too hard on your computer screen. Every 20 minutes, give your eyes a break and take them away from the screen, and in that 20 minutes blink often as this encourages your eyes to stay moist. Look at something at least 20 feet away or better still, stand up and move around or lean back and close your eyes. Lastly every time you do this, break away for at least 20 seconds. All these simple steps will refresh your mind, your eyes and will also give you an energy boost as you’ve focussed your attention somewhere else.

Go for a walk

If you’re sitting all day, your blood pressure lowers and you tend to feel pretty dreary after a while. It’s important to get up, stretch your legs and arms, and get your circulation going. You’ll instantly feel energised and the walk around will do you good. I recommend getting up and walking around every 45 minutes or so, even if just a short walk. At lunch time, maybe take a longer walk and get some fresh air. The stretch will getting your muscles working and you’ll feel energy-infused!

Stop and talk to someone

I like to make a point at work to get up, walk around and have a chat with someone every so often. It helps restore my energy levels, and gets my mind stimulated as I engage in conversation. If you can chat to someone that makes you laugh or smile, even better, as smiling and laughing releases endorphins which enhances positivity, helping you to feel happier and more relaxed- which is great because stress is one major cause of low energy levels.

Wiggle your toes and pinch yourself

Often the reason for your slumps in energy are due to a slowing in circulation. There are times where I feel a serious loss of energy and small movements such as wiggling my toes or pinching myself actually helps. Both increases your blood circulation which ultimately gets your energy levels going. This is a similar concept to stretching or moving around but I find that this really helps in long meetings where you start to drop off. It’s bit more subtle than getting up and stretching!

Have an energising snack

Ditch the caffeine and instead snack on healthy energy-boosting foods such as dried fruits, nuts, seeds and bananas. I like to keep a pack of mixed fruit and nuts on my table and munch on them throughout the day. They don’t pack on the calories and are full of protein so gives you a good sustained level of energy.

Drink water

One of the biggest causes of fatigue is dehydration. Keep your body well hydrated by drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day. I like to keep an 800ml bottle of water with me so that I know how much I am drinking and really makes sure I am drinking how much I am supposed to. Water stimulates and maintains important processes in your body and plays a part in brain function, metabolism and detoxing. If anything, the walk to the kitchen will do you good anyway!

Hope these help!

Love Nimisha



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