4 Ways to Contouring (Tools)


As far as makeup artistry goes, contouring has to be one of my favourite skills. Contouring properly can accentuate parts of your face (or body) that you never thought you could adjust. Not only that, it creates features that are not actually present in your natural no-makeup state! Of course, one of the most important parts of contouring are the products you use, however these are nothing without the tools used to create the perfect, flawless contour. I have trialled numerous makeup brushes/tools to try and create the most natural contour, and I have found that some are just gimmicky and actually really crap, but have also found some absolute gems that I can’t live without now! Here are my top 4 tools for contouring.

The Beauty Blender(s)


Now the Beauty Blender itself is genius. I use the big one for my face base and foundation and it honestly creates the most flawless base particularly when used wet I find. About a year ago, whilst doing my usual haul of Sephora goodies, I came across Micro Mini beauty blenders! I have to say, they are just as good as the big beauty blender and are designed for use in smaller, more focussed areas. They are perfectly sized so that you can contour the finest areas of your face but also have a larger surface for blending. I find that with the beauty blenders, your all round blending is just so much more flawless… it’s all in the name!

The Slanted Brush


Slanted brushes are just designed for this job. When I’m in a bit of a rush and I can’t be bothered to whack out my beauty blenders and contour kits, sometimes I just resort to a trusty slanted brush and bronzer. It does the trick and gives you that natural looking contour.It may not be the full on glam, but for a quick makeup application, it works perfectly. My favourite slanted brush is definitely the Sephora Pro Contour slanted brush as it is big with thick bristles and has a slant that follows the hollows in your face during application. I also use this brush a lot with with cream contour kits such as the Laura Mercier Contour Kit as it works just as well and can be used with a variety of formulas.

Real Techniques Contouring Brushes


The first contouring tool I ever purchased was the Real Techniques contouring soft fluffy brush. It came in a set with a few other brushes (I don’t think you can buy it separately). Still to this day, it’s one of my favourites and quick go-to’s. I wouldn’t use it for liquid/cream contours, but definitely powder contours or use with bronzer. It is perfect for detailed application and flawless blending. I also use this brush for highlighting aswell, particularly with powders as it is small, soft and fluffy- perfect for the tops of cheeks!


The second Real Techniques brush is from the Bold Metals Collection designed specifically for contouring. Again, I don’t usually use this brush with liquids or creams, I tend to use it with powders as it works really nicely. It is lightweight with real soft bristles, making blending a whole lot easier. Even though this brush is a little more expensive, I absolutely love it… and the rose gold!

Sigma Extreme Structure Contour


I only recently bought this brush as part of a big Sigma haul and have been using it more and more as I’ve realised just how good it is! The Extreme Structure Contour is a medium-firm dense brush so can be used for more heavy, glam looks. It creates a real precision when contouring and I particularly like to use cream contour kits with this as the brush is designed for the heavier look and is much thicker. The rounded tip of this brush allows you to follow the curves of your face to contour, but also to blend quite nicely. I would normally go in with another softer brush or beauty blender after this to make sure everything is fully blended.

So there you have it, my favourite tools for creating the perfect contour!

I’ll leave you with a thought… A makeup gal is nothing without her tools….

Love Nimisha



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