8 Life Hacks That Will Set You Up For Success


Whether it be a short term goal or longer term ambition for success, we all need that motivation to do what we do best, and also get further. Realise how happy and positive it makes you when you say to yourself, I will be successful, and I’m going to do this. The thought alone, will encourage you to be more determined to reach success in any aspect of your life. Here are 8 simple life hacks that will set you up for success:

Get ready the night before

We all know we should do this, but rarely do! Even if it means getting your bag ready the night before, or your outfit, preparation the night before will save you time the next day and will stop you stressing in the morning. Plan your work the night before aswell, as this is the perfect opportunity to remember everything you need to do and think in an organised manner where you may have a little more time.

Wake up early

Waking up early allows you to have that breathing space in the morning as well as the time to have a proper morning routine. Your morning routine is so important and sets you up for the day and also goes a long way to determining your productivity for the day. One of the most important things you should do in the morning is eat, and in our busy lives, this is something many of us sacrifice. Think about what you could get done if you woke up at least half an hour earlier.

Write it down

When you think of something, write it down! I do this alot, mainly because I can be quite forgetful, but also because I feel like I have so many ideas running through my mind all the time. There is inspiration everywhere, whether it be quotes someone has said, or an image in a train station that was amazing or an idea you came up with whilst you were on the bus. Write it down and build upon it. Writing things down allows you to document progression so you can see how you’ve expanded on ideas and have grown. Even writing something as simple as a to-do list is great, as it allows you track progress and tick things off as you complete them- this action alone creates a sense of success.

Plan ahead

Planning is key to success. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it definitely didn’t get built without planning. Every great success story has some sort of planning behind it. If you plan for success, you have a structure on how to get there and you tend to remain more focussed on achieving the goal.

Dress like you mean business

I have a motto of look good, feel good. When I’ve put some effort into my appearance, I feel more motivated and I have a spring in my step. When you’re dressed well for work, you feel like you mean business and others around you tend to appreciate that also as you ooze self confidence and take pride in the way you look.

Do your hard tasks first

Abit like when you’re revising for an exam, you tend to revise the easier subjects, or the topics you enjoy the most first, and then get to the hard stuff later. We often find ourselves doing this when working and tackle easier tasks at the beginning and then work our way through all the things that require more time and effort- and then we end up not finishing it and rolling it over to the next day. Try completing your harder tasks in the morning where you have more energy and feel more productive. That way, when it comes to later in the day, you can start to wind down and you will feel a sense of achievement for not only getting more difficult things done, but also being able to complete the easier stuff and ticking more off your to-do list.

Practice saying no

Workaholics, or just people trying to better themselves in their careers or just life in general, always have such a difficulty in saying no. No to more work, no to doing things they literally don’t have time for, and no to doing what they really don’t actually want to do. But it takes being honest with yourself, and others to just stop for a second and say no. You can only do what you can do, and nobody is going to slate you for being honest and saying no to something. If you want to follow your dreams, you have to say no to alternatives sometimes and eliminate conflicting impulses that might get in the way.

Get inspired

I love watching TED talks! A while back, my cousin told me to watch some and since then I literally watch at least one a day. I can get through around 3 talks on my journey in to work sometimes. I find them so inspiring and the range and breadth of talks out there is astounding. I watch TED talks because they offer perspectives, and many of them motivate me to think about my own life and what I want to achieve. There are some inspirational people out there and it is great to learn from them. You can pick up inspiration from anywhere, we are very lucky that there is inspiration all around us and available to us. Watch TED talks, go to networking events (which are often free), research something, make a portfolio, do whatever you can to keep yourself inspired. Reading is also a great way to get inspired, I read a lot of blogs and articles and I’m reading a book at the moment which is so inspiring, it’s called ‘Who says you can’t? You do‘ – By Daniel Chidiac. Great read, I recommend.

‘I never dreamt of success, I worked for it’– Estee Lauder

Love Nimisha



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