8 Makeup Tips To Getting The Perfect Summer Glow


I love that dewy look for the summer where your skin looks sunkissed, bronzed, healthy and hydrated. It’s time to ditch the caked on Winter makeup and it’s all about looking naturally glowing for the summer. Here a 5 makeup tips to creating that perfect summer glow:

Use an illuminating foundation

Try switching to a luminizing foundation or tinted moisturiser. This will instantly brighten your look and give your face that dewy glow. If you haven’t got a luminizing foundation, add a touch of luminizing liquid or serum into your foundation, or use a luminizing primer or primer oil. If you’re really looking for that dewy look, add one drop of a glowing facial oil to your foundation- don’t overdo it though.

Highlight where the sun hits

Use a liquid, cream or powder highlight where the sun naturally hits the face, as you want these areas to glow. These places are the top of the cheekbones, the forehead, the bridge of your nose and the cupids bow. Doing this will help your skin glow in the right places but all the time, even if you’re not out in the sun.

Brighten your eyes

Use a good creamy concealer under the eyes to mask any darkness and even use a cream colour corrector to get the perfect cover up and blend. This will stop your eyes looking tired and as bright as possible. Add white eye pencil or a white shadow to the inner corners of your eyes to draw attention to your eyes in the sun, giving you that wide-eyed fresh look, and apply highlighter on to your brow bone to brighten the areas around the eyes even more.

Bronze to perfection

Bronzing is key to the perfect summer glowy look. I like to go for a shimmery brown/red toned bronzer for the sunkissed look on the cheekbones and forehead. Try orange shades too, as this will really brighten your look. For a warmer less shimmery look, go for a matte bronzer. This will bring out a warm tone to your look, and is really sultry for the summer.

Sheer lipsticks

For a sunkissed look, I opt for a sheer lipstick with a little colour. Sheer lipsticks have that dewy effect and are more natural looking which is perfect for the summer glow look. Sheer lipsticks are also slightly glossy without being a full on lipgloss so it naturally adds shine and hydration.

Setting spray

Finish your look with a setting spray to hold everything in place and to prevent your makeup turning into a mixed mess as you start to bask in the heat! A setting spray will also add that hydrated look without looking sweaty.

Cream shadows

Instead of powdered shadows, use cream shadows that you can wipe over the lid for a shimmer on the eyelids. The summer sun kissed look isn’t about creating a complex makeup look, it’s about looking natural, hydrated and glowy look and a clean shimmer on the lids suit this perfectly. Cream shadows also cake less than powder shadows.

Stick to liquids

Powder and sweat don’t mix, so the best thing to do is use liquids. Liquid foundation, liquid stick foundation, or BB creams and tinted moisturisers. Even for blusher, try using a gel/cream blush or liquid blusher and the apples of your cheeks and blend. Using a beauty blender will also help to keep everything looking flawless and on fleek.

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