5 Reasons To Chase Your Dreams Today

We all have a dream, whether we know it or not. Or at least, we all have dreamed of life being a certain way, or doing a certain job, or creating something extraordinary. As a child, you are often asked, ‘what do you want to be when you are older?’. Subliminally you are being asked what your dreams are and children respond so innocently with what they aspire to be. As adults, when we look back at that time, I wonder how many of us actually ended up doing what we said we wanted to do. The chances are that you took a completely different path in life, potentially sacrificing your dreams, maybe doing something that you THINK you should be doing. We live in a world where anything is possible if you put your heart, soul and mind to it. If you’re not living your dream, then stop and start thinking you should be! After all, when you live your dreams, you are on your way to living the happiest life you can. Here a 5 reasons why you should start chasing your dreams today.
Are you happy doing what you’re doing at the moment?
Stop what you’re doing, sit back and ask yourself, am I happy doing this right now. If you’re at work, are you working where you wanted to, or doing exactly what you wanted to? In our busy lives trying to make a living and get by, we rarely stop and actually reflect on what we are doing and whether we are actually just doing it to ‘get by’ or if we are actually doing what we are truly passionate about. If the answer is no… Then you need to be chasing what could ultimately make you happy.
You can do it!
So many people have ideas of things they would like to invent or achieve or do in life but struggle to find that motivation or final push to actually breaking the norm a little and pushing through with the idea. I know this feeling personally and it took me a while to break through the mental blocker that tells you that you can’t do something. The truth is, we can all do it. Let go of your mental blockers, and you’ll be well on your way to realising your true fabulous potential.
We have the means to do so.
There’s a common assumption that starting your own thing or inventing something comes at an unmanageable cost. For some business types, perhaps there needs to be an investment to build it. But there are so many opportunities out there that are free. Blogging and vlogging for example, are free opportunities and many of us are lucky to be exposed to the resources that we have. You can even learn how to code on the Internet. If you could learn that, you could probably create an app!
You only have one life… Make it count.
You can either choose to live your life doing something that you’re not really up for and do that half heartedly, or you can put your life and soul into something that makes you incredibly happy and that you are passionate about. This life you live is really your only opportunity, so make it count and create a legacy for yourself. Why not spend that one life that we live doing something we are truly soulful about.
You have a choice!
We all have a choice at the end of the day. We have a choice of what to study, of where to work, of what to do in our free time. If you don’t chase your dreams, you are making a choice to not chase your dreams!
‘Dreams can come true’ – Gabrielle
Love Nimisha

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