My Long Haul In-Flight Beauty Regime


Taking care of your skin before and after travel is so important, but its just as important to keep up your skincare routine during travel and whilst you are away. My skin is quite sensitive so a slight change in conditions, will have an impact on my skin. However travelling has the biggest impact on my skin and over the years I have tried to develop a travel beauty regime that will help combat issues that my skin faces. Particularly with air travel, my skin does not cooperate with the conditions of being on a aeroplane with the air pressure, the air conditioning and the enclosed spaces sharing the same air as sometimes over 300 people!

Particularly on long haul flights, my skin gets really dry and I’m often prone to a few break outs so I have a particular routine that I go through in flight, whilst sitting in my seat, to protect my skin from any annoyances! Here are the steps:

Quick cleanse

I would have cleansed toned and moisturised before I left the house, but in preparation for my long flight, I will do this again. As I’m not able to fully wash my face, I use a cleansing liquid such as Bioderma with a cotton pad to get rid of any excess dirt and oils on the skin. If I don’t have that, I will use a cleansing wipe but I prefer the cleansing water as it’s less drying.


Using my Liz Earle toner, I will spritz my face a couple of times and pat that down with a cotton pad. This will help to balance and protect my skin for the conditions up in the air.

Eye care

Using my Kiehls Avocado eye cream, I will gently apply some to the area surrounding the eyes to keep this thin area of skin hydrated. Doing this will prevent drying and reduce that tired look when you get off the plane. See why I love the Keihls eye cream here!

Face care

For long haul flights I love to apply a moisture boosting or ultra hydrating face mask. The great thing about this, is that they are made for long period application and overnight so they are perfect for a long flight. You can even top it up throughout the flight if you feel like your skin is starting to dry. My absolute favourite product to use is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask because its super hydrating, and leaves my skin feeling so soft and doesn’t dry out at all.

Lip care

Lips tend to dry out the quickest whilst up in the air so to finish off my routine, I will put a hydrating lip balm on my lips. Something as simple as Nivea works wonders for me, but a jelly type lip balm would be perfect for locking in moisture. Literally layer it up and get off the plane with soft hydrated lips after your flight.

Hydration top-up

Drink plenty of water throughout your flight to keep yourself hydrated and to keep your body functions up and you’ll feel less groggy when you get off your flight. You might find you need the loo more on flight, however this has a benefit of getting you up and out of your seat, moving around which is a real necessity on long haul flights. Another thing you can do is give your face a spritz with a hydrating mist throughout the flight to keep the hydration from your overnight mask locked in and it keeps topping up the moisture. I like to use the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Mist as it’s energising and hydrating.

Hair care

I don’t often like to put hair oil in my hair during the flight because I’ve usually washed my hair beforehand so don’t want to grease it up for arrival, however after I wash my hair, I apply a fair amount of Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment to keep my hair soft, hydrated and protected. I have found that dry oils for in flight care are great too though such as the Bamboo Dry Oil Mist which nourishes without leaving your hair oily. Keep your hair tied back and out of your face also as hair easily transfers oils and dirt to your skin.

Body Skincare

Keep your hands moisturised throughout your flight by applying a hydrating hand cream. Wear comfortable cotton clothing that allows your skin to breathe but also wrap up (wear leggings and socks) to lock in moisture and keep your skin protected from the air in the cabin. Apply a body oil to your skin before travel, or top up whilst on the plane to keep your skin hydrated. I like to moisturise with almond oil after my shower before my flight so that my skin is well hydrated for the journey.

Once your beauty routine is complete put on your eye mask and try and get some shut eye so you can wake up at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy your holiday.

Luckily many of these products can be decanted into travel sized containers that have the correct volumes to travel with, so it’s easy to pack away into hand luggage.

Other products I recommend for your in flight beauty regime:


Try it for your next long haul flight!

Love Nimisha



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