Hi everyone!! I’m Nimisha and welcome to my website Nimi Notes! First off, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for visiting my site, it truly means the world to me that you would take the time out to look and read about what I love to do and what I am passionate about; beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle.

Many people ask me where I came up with the name for my blog; pretty much everyone I know calls me Nimi, and apart from the fact that ‘notes’ begins with N, one of the reasons I started a blog was because I literally had all my ideas jotted down in my little red notepad that I carry with me everywhere! From there I decided to start a blog as an outlet for my creativity.

I’m a London born girl, currently working in West London in the Pharmaceutical industry; and I hope to be able to show people that I’m just an average girl living life, but also trying to pursue a passion and that anyone can. I hope that what you read on my blog leaves you feeling happy, healthy, enriched and positive.

Over time you’ll learn many things about me, including how much I love to travel, homemade beauty products, tea and of course my love for LEMONS!

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog and I’m so excited for you to be on this journey with me! I would love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to contact me!

Love Nimisha