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Are you in a rush every morning? I know I am. I rarely leave time to do a full face of makeup in the mornings, and with my new job, I take the train occasionally so am always rushing to catch it. Deciding how to look for work is hard work in itself! I work in a rather corporate environment where the dress code is quite smart so I can’t really afford to look a mess! Couple that with me always being in a rush for everything in life and you’ll realise that I had no choice but to adopt a quick and easy makeup routine in the morning!

How to create a busy girl makeup bag

The trick here is to buy a small makeup bag, that way you eliminate the temptation to fill it with everything you THINK you need and instead fill it with the essentials. I bought this cute black small makeup bag from No.7, and its perfect because its long enough to fit brushes it in, but also not so bulky that I can’t fit it into any work bag. It’s also stylish. Tip: Your work bag should have space for at least your makeup bag, purse, an essentials pouch, a notepad, a bottle of water and a book.


Next, look through your makeup stash before you go purchasing products especially for your busy lifestyle! You will undoubtedly find so many things that you have that are quick and easy to apply. For example, what makeup do you have that doesn’t involve using a brush, or all is all in one? What makeup do you own that is in retractable casing or thats not likely to spill?! You’ll find that over 70% of your makeup falls into these categories!

Lastly, pack the bare minimum. Do you really need to be taking with you your whole contouring liquid palette, your beauty blender and 5 different brushes? Do you always need your most liquid foundation that doesn’t have a pump? You need to think about what makeup is appropriate for your workplace. For me personally, a full on face of makeup is too much. Not only do I not want to be worrying about if my makeup is still looking fresh every 5 minutes, but I also don’t want to look overdone in the office- it’s actually more unprofessional. The best office look for me, is flawless but natural and fresh-looking, and I only need a few products that I can apply quickly and trust that it looks good! Less is more in this case.

What do you need?

You need makeup that is going to be quick to apply, that you don’t have to fuss over and worry about applying it too precisely.


For the base I also make sure my face is properly cleansed, toned and moisturised before leaving the house. I then make sure I apply Stila’s One Step Corrector because even if I’ve left the house without any makeup on, it’ll brighten my complexion and even out my skin tone, so I look a little bit fresh! This way my base is all done before I get on the move. For coverage I like to use one of two products; the Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream is perfect for me- it’s light in coverage, not heavy on the skin, no fuss, can be applied quickly with a brush or fingers and actually wakes my skin up! And the other is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick which is amazing! It’s easy, flawless coverage in seconds. There’s no fuss with application, and it can be blended using a brush or fingers. To cover my bags I go for the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer which is so easy to apply, with its twisty top and can be blended with a brush or fingers. I tend to use the same brush for my base and concealer, cos ain’t nobody got time for multiple brushes.


For definition I like to go for the easiest type of contour. I use my real techniques contour brush with my MAC bronzer and create a light contour in the hollows of my cheekbones and then use this cream blusher by Soap and Glory and lightly add that to my cheeks, using my fingers to gently blend it in. No powdered blush means no brush! If I want to quickly add more definition, I use my Maybelline concealer again and draw a faint line under my contour to sharpen it a little and blend that out. It takes less time than it sounds, but gives you an effective quick and easy contour.

IMG_7052editWe can’t forget the eyes. Now I don’t often wear eye makeup apart from a little mascara and eyeliner, but sometimes I like to add a little something more to the natural look, and go for natural eyeshadow. Again, theres no time for palettes, eye brushes and blending. I just take this one retractable eye shadow, 4 Bronze Moon By Terry and roll that over my lids, and thats literally all I have to do there. I will then add some mascara and apply some lip balm and lipstick, and my look is complete.

One of the most important products in my makeup bag is my powder. Corn Silk is one of the best setting powders I have ever used, and is perfect for holding my makeup. It’s translucent, so you don’t have to worry about adding a light coloured powder to your skin, but it is also perfect for touching my makeup up throughout the day and mattifying any shiny parts. It keeps my makeup looking fresh and flawless and its a bargain (and also comes with an applicator)!


So there you have my makeup for on the go. It really is quick and easy to apply. For the days I take the train, I can easily apply my makeup en route, but if not, it can be quickly done at home and re-touched in the office, or just quickly done as soon as you get into work.

I hope this helps all you busy-bees!

Love Nimisha



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