6 Favourite Productivity Tips


I am always trying to increase my productivity. The truth is, there are always things we can do to do better or achieve what we want to achieve. Productivity is actually a really personal thing, and there are so many techniques that people use to be more productive, small and big things. When it comes to having ideas and getting tasks done these are my 6 favourite tips!

Brainstorming and mapping

I am quite a creative and visual person so my mind tends to unravel thing after thing. I suddenly find myself getting from A to B with no logical reasoning, sequence or idea of how I actually got from A to B! One thing that I do that really helps me with this is mindmapping. This process is great for flows of ideas where one thing branches off another. You are then documenting how you got from one place to another. Mindmapping is also another way to brainstorm ideas and is so effective in making links, connections, associations and also growing ideas. Start with your ‘focus’ in the middle of the page, and then start branching off initial ideas. From there keep on expanding- you’ll be amazed at how your mind actually wanders.


I love a to-do list! It keeps me on track and I love the feeling of ticking things off when I complete them. When I’ve got alot of things going on, I write to-do lists or several of them and prioritise tasks. At work, I have actually created a to-do list on excel with conditional formatting which allows me to proritise jobs and tasks and completed tasks even turn green! Mastery in excel- Check! Other than that I journal everything. I have always enjoyed writing things down because I like my handwriting (just being honest) and there is something really satisfying to me about writing. I’ve done this ever since I was young, but notepads and diaries are my best friend. Journaling keeps a record of your ideas and serves as a reference point.


I love a good excel spreadsheet. In my eyes, excel is the single most incredible creation for an OCD-like person. I spreadsheet everything, from blog planning to finances. I like keeping things organised and excel does that and so much more. Keeping things structured, allows you to be more productive and focus. It also allows you to visually see what is going on.


Probably one of the best things you can do for yourself, or a task is to actually talk to someone. We all learn from each other and talking is power. I’m a firm believer in getting up and going over to speak to someone rather than sending an email- it’s so much quicker!! Chances are that you end up just having a nice conversation with someone.

Planning in advance

I love spontaneity but there is nothing like waking up, knowing youve already packed your day bag, got your lunch in the fridge and straightened your hair the night before, and then knowing you’ve woken up half an hour later, all because youve done things in advance. We often have so much to do, when we don’t have the time to do it. It halts our productivity and allows us to procrasitinate and get stressed. Live stress free by being organised and thinking ahead. It goes without saying for most things in life, planning is key.

Goal setting and visualisation

There is nothing wrong with sitting and visualising your dreams. It’s all part of attracting it towards you. I like to visualise things I want or want to get done so and see that as setting a goal. It helps me see what it is that I am actually reaching for. Goal setting is key. With most things in life we should set objectives and goals. This exercise alone brings you closer to them and achieving them feels so great.

What are your best ways to increase productivity?

Love Nimisha



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