10 Blogs you Need to Dedicate Some Serious Time to…

IMG_8904sliderI read blogs quite religiously if I’m honest and as a blogger it’s so nice to lock into the blogger community and see what’s going on! I have a few favourite blogs which I visit like ALL the time such as Beautycrush, VivannaDoesMakeUp and Lily Pebbles, but there have been a few that I recently cannot stop checking back at! Get ready to make room for a few hours a day checking these!

Apartment Therapy Since I moved back home I’ve been so into interior design blogs. I think it’s because I’ve started to re-decorate my room, as I do pretty much every year. But I just love this blog because if I already had an idea of what my perfect house would look like, this blog just tramples all over it with its incredible ideas!! I read every post thinking, ‘I wish I lived there…and I NEED that chair’

Beauty Full Homes Ok another home/DIY blog. I’m a little obsessed. But this blog makes me smile because it is so pretty to look at! Abit of a random comment but I often return to blogs that look organised and colourful and this is one of them. These blogs really make me want to plan and design things!

WhoWhatWear For my dose of fashion news I love this site! I can always bet that there’s something on this site that I haven’t read anywhere else before and I love love love the style posts.

Kaushal Beauty This girl is an absolute stunner. And whilst on the topic of always being on her site, I’m literally always on her YouTube channel aswell! Her posts are honest and genuine and I literally trust her makeup views so much. As beauty blogs go, hers is a great one.

Neon Blush… I absolutely love this site for the collages that Jenny makes. She pieces together the most perfect outfits for all occasions and I adore her style. So I’m always checking back here!

Gymbags & Gladrags Start of a new year means new goals, and many of mine include fitness and healthy eating goals!! That, and I’ve just booked another holiday for April so really need to whip into shape. I find this blog really inspiring because it sends out a positive message about body image and loving yourself. It’s also got some really random cool posts on there like ’10 stylish lunch boxes for adults’- totally cool.

Honestly Healthy Food Ok a slight cheat here as this is actually a website BUT it is made up from a variety of different bloggers who they call their ‘Honestly Healthy Heroes’ and each of them does blog onto the site. This is actually one of the main reasons I love it; the different perspectives. I am OBSESSED with this site and I can honestly say I’ve sifted through tonnes of articles in one day. Everything you want to find is so accessible on the site and it really is my inspiration for keeping healthy.

Tone It Up I’m all for ‘home gym’ and prefer watching an exercise video and busting it out in the comfort of my own home (ironically I’m too lazy to go to the gym yet I can muster up some energy to do an exercise video…!). These girls are gorgeous and I have wayyy too much body envy for them however their videos are brilliant. They have exercises for all aspects of fitness as well as nutritional advice, and again I NEED this site now for the next few months in the run up to my holiday!

Beautezine My ultimate beauty fix sits with this site. I have subscribed to the Beautezine daily newsletter which instantly directs me to at least a half hour scroll through the site. This is the kind of blog that encourages me to go shopping… not sure if thats a good thing to be honest!

Nimi Notes I just  couldn’t help myself!!

Now that I’ve given you the low down… go and use up the next few hours of your life!! Enjoy!

Love Nimisha




  1. January 21, 2015 / 8:15 pm

    Thanks for the recommendation! Glad to hear we give you a daily dose of beauty 🙂

    • niminotes
      January 21, 2015 / 9:14 pm

      No problem! I love your site! 🙂 xo

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