If there’s one thing that I’m proud of about the way I look, it’s my hair. Just saying (I’m totally modest about it!). I love a hair compliment just as much as I love an eyebrow compliment! At the moment, my hair is quite long and thick and has somehow evolved into the natural dip-dye of brown that I had applied a few years ago. Gradually the colour has grown out and has finally reached a stage where it looks like I’ve dip-dyed it purposely! And I actually like it!

I usually oil my hair once a week to maintain it, keep it conditioned, soft, thick and shiny. Hair should remain healthy and applying certain good oils to your hair helps this as well as keeping up a good nutritious diet and brushing your hair regularly.

In between oiling my hair, I do like to keep up a hair maintenance routine at least once a week. I wash my hair roughly three times a week and sometimes I will just leave my hair to dry naturally and live with how it’s choosing to behave, but sometimes will make an effort to style it properly… and I’ve been trying this routine lately that works a treat! So here’s what I do:

1. Before washing my hair, I brush it through using my tangle teaser. I don’t like brushing my hair too much after washing because the hair is much weaker then and you tend to get more fall-out.

2. I wash my hair with shampoo, sometimes shampooing through twice, washing that out, and then use a little conditioner just on the end half of my hair, not the top and roots. At the moment I am using Herbal Essences Bee Strong which I really recommend for thick long hair- nothing to do with it bringing out the Scherzy in you or anything…

3. After washing my hair, I towel dry it best I can and using a comb I set my parting. Lately I’ve been sticking to a middle parting.

4. I put a little Moroccan Argon Oil into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and work this through the lower parts of my hair (similar to what I did with the conditioner).


5. I then spray out some of the Alterna Bamboo Volume Whipped Mousse (about the amount shown below) and light work that into my roots. I then run the remainder of it through the rest of my hair. This mousse is insanely good because it’s lightweight and doesn’t leave your hair looking oily, but really does a good volumising job.


6. Using a round brush and a hairdryer, I lift the hair upwards from the roots and blow-dry. I always pull the hair upwards (at the top) and outwards (on the sides and bottom) to increase the volume of my hair. I’ve actually becoming a lot better at styling my hair with a hairdryer!

This is really all that I do, if there are some frizzy areas, I go over them with a straighter, and sometimes after I have created the volume by doing this, I straighten all my hair and it gives it that bouncy natural straight look as opposed to straight and sleek. What I love about this easy routine is that you get the best of both- volume from the mousse and hair drying technique, and shine and softness from the oil. The oil is also protecting your hair and reducing frizz, keeping it nourished and serves as my midweek hair treatment. I do feel like I’ve just left the salon when I do this!

I say *I woke up like this* because I usually do this before I go to bed, and when I wake up, my hair honestly does look good… real talks.

Love Nimisha



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  1. Katie
    February 26, 2015 / 2:57 pm

    I love the Bamboo weightless mousse!! It’s so good! I’m definitely going to start using Moroccan Argon Oil too x

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