5 Last Minute Halloween Ideas


Halloween is back! Usually there is a real sense of excitement around this time, however this year, I haven’t really thought about Halloween at all! Having said that, in the past I’ve thrown together some pretty last minute costumes for the night and they’ve ended up being pretty decent! Here are some last minute Halloween ideas for those who are never prepared just like me!!

1. You can never go wrong with black and white

That’s right, get out everything you own thats either black or white and you are bound to be able to piece together a costume. Two years ago, I literally decided to go to a Halloween party about 2 hours before the event and couldn’t go out and buy anything new, so I whipped out black wet look leggings, a black crop top, black heels and my leather jacket. I backcombed my hair wore heavy eye makeup, and stole some fake blood from a friend. The plan was to be a vampire… I looked more like scary Sandy from Grease to be honest! Similarly with white clothing, wear all white, and hey presto, you’re a ghost! That or a bowling pin.

2. Inspired by the 90’s

Who hasn’t dressed up as Britney Spears for Halloween? Halloween is not just about dressing scary, its also about being creative, and when your costume is last minute, it can be quite easy to re-create a character using items you already have. Go as your favourite boy/girl band with a group and co-ordinate your outfits. Some ideas include, Cher from Clueless, Will and Carlton from The Fresh Prince, The Home Alone characters, Mrs Doubtfire, Wednesday Addams and the Men in Black.

3. All you need is a bed sheet. 

Provided you’ve got an old one lying around, a white bed sheet can come in handy when you’re stuck for ideas of what to wear for Halloween. Make a hole in the sheet, prop that over you, and you’re a ghost or an angel. Wrap it around you to make a Toga, backcomb your hair and add some dark makeup and you’re a scary Roman. Or how about getting a little more creative and wrapping the sheet around you, creating a dress, getting a red or black marker, and becoming a playing card. So easy!

4. They say don’t waste loo roll…. unless it’s Halloween

Let’s be honest, a lot of material is getting wasted on Halloween, so why not just go ahead and wrap loads of toilet roll around you and make yourself a mummy!!

5. Take it literally…

50 Shades of Grey can be a costume? Of course it can, why not find all the different shades of grey clothing you own, and wear them, or better yet, pop to home base and pick up the grey colour palette cards and stick them on yourself. Be Regina George from Mean Girls, and cut holes in your top, be a candy rapper by wearing a hoodie and sticking sweet wrappers all over you, be a garbage bin and stick rubbish all over you, or even be real smart as to write ‘Book’ on your face, and tell people you’ve come to the party dressed as ‘Facebook’!

I hope I’ve given you even a little inspiration! If all else fails, rip up some old clothing, and scruff your hair up or just get really creative with makeup!! What will you be dressing up as this Halloween?



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