6 Simple Reasons You Need a Male Friend in Your Life

What a strange post you say? But I recently had a conversation about this with one of my girl mates, and it got me thinking about the big part my guy mates play in my life, and here’s why.

1. If ever there was a person to slap you back down to reality, its a guy mate. Sure sure your good girl mates will be honest with you, but many also just tell you what you want to hear. I know when I’m up in the clouds talking about God knows what, that one of my guy friends will give me that ‘stfu’ look and I will do just that. Better believe that they are real quick to call you out on your sh*t and tell you straight aswell.

2. Think like a man. No one knows a guy better than a guy. No one understands a guy better than a guy. So if you’re wondering what the eff a guy is thinking, just ask another guy. Also if you want to really know how to play a certain situation, just ask your male friend to give you an insight into why other males do the things they do, and you’ll be able to gage how to play a situation.

3. Your opportunity to be a lad. Having guy mates gives you the perfect excuse to kick back and be a lad. I don’t mean that in a literal sense, but if you’re feeling an evening at the pub with a pint, lets face it, a guy is best to hang out with. They offer a different vibe and energy and sometimes… that’s what you need.

4. An extra perspective. Girls advice for their girls is always pretty sacred, but sometimes its nice to get an extra perspective. A girl may have an ape shit reaction to something that someone has done to their mate, but a guy might be a little more calm and reasonable. That, or they’ll just punch the crap outta the guy that hurt you.

5. Guys rarely hold grudges (emphasis on rarely, because some really do hold grudges!). I think this is one thing I really cherish about my guy friends, or males in general. It takes many guys all of about 5 minutes to completely forget what you were arguing about and start acting normal again. Most guys don’t like to dwell on things and often lose interest in a negative situation, so you can bet that they probably won’t even remember the stupid argument you had- and you know thats the truth when you receive the ‘wagwan wid you?’ text about an hour later.

6. They are the best wingmen. Whether you’re trying to get a guy, or trying to discourage a guy, your mate will surely be supportive of either. A guy talking you up to another guy often has so many benefits, and on the other hand, the same guy mate can pretend to be your boyfriend in those ‘save me’ situations. Word.

In conclusion; I’ve got some pretty amazing women in my life, but also got some stand up kinda men in my life too… so guys aren’t too bad!

Love Nimisha



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