7 Skincare Tips For Skin Recovery


I really can’t believe it’s March and I’m writing this as the snow has just cleared outside in the UK… MADNESS. I’m very over the cold now, it’s time for some sun, less layers and happier people. The UK pretty much shuts down when the weather is this bad, and its hard to leave the house. But if you do, you best be hoping your skincare routine is on point to combat the weather. Over the weekend it reached -5 degrees in London and that ought to be having a negative impact on our skin but I’ve got some tips for you to help maintain that healthy hydrated glow even in the shitstorm!

  1. Stick with your SPF – I say it often, but SPF isn’t just for the summer days or your beach holiday. You should really be wearing a moisturiser with SPF in it every day. SPF protects your skin from all kinds of damage not just sun exposure and will protect your skin from free radical damage. Ultraviolet rays can be damaging on even the cloudiest of days… so I’ll say it again, SPF moisturiser is your year-round friend. This protection will really slow down the process of ageing skin and even underneath your makeup, you will be provided with the benefits. In this old weather, to give your skin the best chance of recovery, you need to be protecting it from the offset My personal favourite is the Avene moisturising protection cream which has SPF 20 in it.
  2. Revive that exfoliator – Exfoliating around twice a week is ESSENTIAL in this weather and to help your skin return to normality. Winds are blowing all sorts of crap onto your face, including dirt, dust, smoke, anything really. Exfoliating will thoroughly get rid of the surface muck revealing soft, glowing skin, and will give your skin a real clean. Exfoliating is key for keeping your blood circulation going under the surface of your skin and for etching away those dead skin cells which in this weather is really important for your skin to stay healthy, remove toxins from the skin, and renew and repair those skin cells.
  3. Use a night balm – The days are colder and windier so you need something stronger and more moisturising to apply at the end of the day to help aid skin cell renewal and keep your moisture levels high as it will very easily dry out. I have used the Decleor Neroli Night Balm for about 10 years and I can’t see myself using anything else. It genuinely repaired the really damaged skin I used to have as a teenager and keeps my skin clear, supple and protected.
  4. Moisturise more – It is so important that you keep moisturising your skin in this weather. If you feel your skin start to get dry, apply more a moisturising cream or balm. Theres no harm doing this throughout the day if it protects your skin from getting dry as at the end of the day you’ll fully cleanse (I hope) to remove all product from your skin. I like to add almond oil to my daily moisturiser (Liz Earle Repair Moisturiser) to combat those drier areas, or even thick Vitamin E oil. Almond oil in particular has really step-changed my skincare routine. My saviour product at the moment is also Beauty Balm by BYBI. This balm is great for just about anything and is so hydrating. I use it on my lips, my cheeks, even my hands. So you look at little greasy… better than looking dry.
  5. Keep hydrated – In the cold, drinking cold water might seem like the last thing you want to do. But whether its cold/hot or flavoured water, or herbal teas, keep hydrated, as this will help protect your skin from drying out and will repair your skin if it’s dry. Personally I can normally see if I’m dehydrated because my lips are the first to get dry, but I know that plenty of water will sort that right out. I often keep water by my bed and keep my Teami flask on me so I know how much I’m drinking.
  6. Avoid steaming hot showers – In this weather we all want to be sat in hot bath, soaking in it. This is great, and generally the high temperatures are good for skin cleansing as it opens up your pores. However the temperature difference (in this weather) between the bath and outside the bath are way too drastic and the hot water can then dry out your skin even more. Use lukewarm water to wash your face and body, as your skin will climatise better. This will also not create any further damage to skin that has become habit worn form the weather.
  7. Be gentle with your skin – The cold weather can make your skin quite fragile so be gentle when drying your skin, cleaning your skin and putting on/taking off makeup. Light press your skin to dry it after washing instead of rubbing. Apply makeup with a beauty blender instead of a brush, and light wash your skin in gentle circular motions as opposed to rubbing. These small changes will also help lock in moisture and not create damage to skin that is fragile.

I hope these simple steps help in your recovery from the cold. Look after yourselves and pray for sun heat and vitamin D!!

Love Nimisha



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