Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Left your Christmas shopping too late? Yep that’s me every year. Here are 8 last minute gifts  that you should consider…right now.

1.  The gift that keeps on giving

A good friend of mine actually suggested this to me and I honestly think it is such an amazing idea! If you are struggling to find your girl mate/ girlfriend/ sister/ mum/ aunt/ any other girl in your life a gift, why not think about a subscription to a beauty box! My favourites are Glossy Box and Look Fantastic, but there are others such as Birch Box and Cohorted Beauty Box. You’ll basically be in their good books for at least a year as they receive a box a month and it also means that you can see which products they like, and buy them the full sized versions of them for subsequent birthdays or Christmas’s.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Camera


I’ve put this on here because I want one… so if any of my friends are reading this, HINT HINT. Polaroids have made a serious comeback as we hit the retro era and this instax camera is the perfect way to capture those moments without being able to edit and crop and filter. Polaroid collages are great fun, and look super cool up on the wall!

3. Olivia Burton watch


Big dial, medium dial, small dial. Olivia Burton watches come in every size and possible colour combination. They are vintage, yet chic watches that make a great gift for any gal.

4. Humans of New York: Stories


Brandon Stanton has genius-ly captured the world through incredible real life stories and this best-selling book puts it all together. If you know someone that follows him on Facebook (over 16 million of them to be precise) then they would love this collection of his work. When I read his interviews coupled with the portraits of people, I am genuinely moved by so many of the stories, and I find the concept of what he has created truly fascinating.

5. Happy Christmas Lush box


Lush have put together their 5 most popular products in this cute Christmas gift box. Lush is always a safe go-to for gifts because everything smells gorgeous and even if the person opens your gift and thinks ‘ahh another bath gift set’ at least its pretty, colourful, different and smells gorgeous!

6. Davidoff Cool Water 

Davidoff-Eau de toilette for him-3614220443812-Cool Water

A men’s best-selling fragrance? Why not. This fresh, contemporary fragrance is one that gets women heads turning and men asking you what after-shave you’re wearing. Quite frankly, a fragrance is always a safe bet for a gift so why not go for one of the most popular ones!

7. Christmas jumper

66K08LGRN_5_largeThere’s no greater gift to give on Christmas day than that of giving someone something to wear on the day! Christmas jumpers are everywhere and there are some fantastic ones out there.

8. Jo Malone candle gift set

jo_19702_640x640Gorgeous scents that are long lasting and luxurious. I consider Jo Malone products luxury items with their candles coming in at around £40 and anyone that receives something from here is genuinely really happy. The fragrances and candles are gorgeous and make a lovely, thoughtful gift given that Jo Malone tailors your candles or fragrances to match your needs.

Merry Christmas y’all!

Love Nimisha



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